inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition has been sold out on Amazon, Gamestop and BestBuy

Not surprising news, The collector ‘s edition of the most wanted/waited PS4 video game inFAMOUS Second Son has been sold out on the largest retailers.

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mania5682181d ago

collector edition sure sells well, its to be expected for its a great offer, im getting my own as well, gotta love they let you play the game with Cole jacket from infamous 1 and tells you the story from what happened within coles death to the beginning of infamous second son

MrSwankSinatra2181d ago

dude you get the the Cole's Legacy DLC for just pre-ordering the game. hardly makes it worth getting the CE for just different jacket skins. plus the cover for the game sucks compared to the standard version.

mania5682181d ago

the stand alone game doesnt have it, dont know where you think it comes with pre-order of the normal game but it sure isnt happening on my country. If you are thinking of the jackets you can get from pre order from months back it did not contain the Cole jacket, that is only for the special editions and if its such a bad edition as you say it is it wouldnt sell so good, this news report otherwise ;)

hazeblaze2181d ago

you do not get the extra content just for preordering. You only get it if you preorder the digital version, people that pre order the disc based game do not get the extra content.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2181d ago

You get all that with the standerd limited edition. Plus an awesome foil cover. If the CE came with a Deals in statue I would be all over it, but it comes with stuff I don't care about. With the standard limited edition you get the Cole's Legacy DLC and the in game jackets.

isa_scout2181d ago

Same, I bought the Infamous 2 collector edition for the statue although the backpack was pretty awesome to. I really wish a statue or something meaningful came with Second Son as well. I would've rather paid 120 for the collectors edition with a statue than 80 for a beanie and some patches.
Oh well, the game still looks kick ass regardless.

MrSwankSinatra2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Dude when you pre-order infamous "in the US" you automatically get upgraded to the limited edition (which is just a foil cover) an comes with Cole's Legacy which includes a series of missions and coles jacket. the only extra DLC you get when you get the collector's edition is a "Legendary in-game Vest".

TitanUp2181d ago


More details
Pre-order inFAMOUS Second Son to get Upgraded to the Limited Edition!
Pre-order inFAMOUS Second Son to get Upgraded to the Limited Edition!
Limited Edition Includes:
Full retail copy of inFAMOUS Second Son with Premium Foil Cover
Bonus Exclusive Downloadable Content, Cole's Legacy. Uncover what happened between the devastating events of inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS Second Son
Complete the missions and unlock Cole's Jacket for Delsin to wear in-game
*While Supplies Last
Online Customers: Item will be packed with your game.
Store Customers: Item will be packed with your game.

More details
Pre-order inFAMOUS: Second Son now to receive Exclusive In-game Vests!
Pre-order and get a voucher code to unlock these exclusive in-game vests for inFAMOUS Second Son designed by iam8bit, Penny Arcade and more!

mania5682181d ago

there is no gamestop where i live, all were closed, there is normal edition, special and collector, only the last two have the cole legacy as i explained above

TitanUp2181d ago

that really isn't far for you

harrisk9542181d ago


The standard edition of the game is called "Limited Edition".

From Amazon: "The Limited Edition packs additional in-game missions that reveal more about the events leading up to Delsin's story. Completing these added missions will unlock an exclusive in-game jacket designed in honor of Cole MacGrath."

AND... "Pre-order Infamous: Second Son and get exclusive in-game vests"

The Collectors Edition has some sort of bonus DLC called "Cole's Legacy". But, not sure what that is.

nicksetzer12181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

The bundle was a gamestop exclusive (in america) look for yourselves ... there is no sku for it on amazon or besylt buy, and never was....

EDIT: sorry read incorrectly, thought it meant the ps4 bundle.

medman2181d ago

The ps4 is so strong right now.

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woodchipper892181d ago

Let us keep approving articles that are made for clicks!

NovusTerminus2181d ago

Yeah... I noticed.......... I went to preorder it today and poof... Nothing.

beatled2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

im actually surprised , I didn't even know infamous was a popular title

what did the first two sell?

*edit, according to wiki the first sold 1.2 million in its first year (not that great but decent as this was on an already 3 year old ps3), and the second only sold 1.65 million on a 5 year old ps3

surprised this is at the top of any charts, with the ps4 install base being so low, will this even break a million in a year?

Rainstorm812181d ago

The attach rates are higher on games early in a console life time and PS3 exclusives didnt get a whole lot of attention til U2 Among thieves... alot of scrutiny tho......even though Drakes Fortune can hold its own against most games last gen.

But Infamous 2 numbers are surprising.

Neonridr2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

This game will do well in NA and Europe. Can't imagine the Japanese people buying this up. But coming still relatively early in the PS4's cycle I would be surprised to see this game have a 25% worldwide attachment rate. So based on the current numbers for the PS4 worldwide, we are talking about less than 1.5 million units sold.

ceballos77mx2181d ago

Had a chance to pre-order it, but I didnt care much for the stuff, so I just got the limited edition, now the infamous 2 collectors was superb with the bag and the figure, thats what I wanted.

isa_scout2181d ago

Yeah Infamous 2 collectors edition was awesome. I still use the backpack when I'm riding my motorcycles as it matches my

ceballos77mx2181d ago

I used it as a diaper bag, now its my gym bag.

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