Titanfall Dev Defends Against Claims of Being Made With Consoles in Mind

"Respawn also clarifies some other details regarding the main campaign."

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hiredhelp2180d ago

If this game gets the popularaty on xbox and pc that cod does i hope to see titan sucseed kick cods Ass. That said i hope EA eventually lets go the MS chains make it on PS3-4 . Then could definatly see a COD VS TITAN Face off

WeAreLegion2180d ago

Agreed. It would be great to see Respawn stick it to Activision and Treyarch for destroying their once great franchise.

cleft52180d ago

As far as the claims of Titanfall being made with consoles in mind goes, clearly it was made with console players in mind. In what world does the smart pistol that auto locks on enemies for players fit with anything slightly PC fps related. With that said, it is clear that Respawn is putting a lot of time and effort into the PC version, which will probably be the best version of the game followed by the Xbox One version.

Ultimately, as long as the game plays well on PC and console I really don't see the problem. While Titanfall isn't for me, I think it is going to be an excellent game with that CoD meets MechWarrior feel.

Legion212180d ago

Had to disagree with this because Treyarch is not destroying cod, if anything it's been cod's saving grace these past years. To me they've added more to cod then infinity ward ever did. Each of their iteration have been pretty diverse for a cod game. It's not their fault activision doesn't let them work on anything else.

Mikelarry2180d ago

it would be glorious to see that battle between tf and cod, it would force activision to stop sitting on its laurels and take some creative risk.

Axonometri2180d ago

Funny how things turn. COD got started by being inventive, creative and taking risks. I have higher hopes for TF and its future. Maybe after Titanfall 3 respawn will have an awesome new IP!

Rainstorm812180d ago

Thats what i was hoping, Respawn vs Activision

I guess we will see them compete on X1, but CoD wont be dethroned by an exclusive on either console, we saw that ever since CoD4MW and Halo 3 went head to head

Sayai jin2180d ago

I hope the gam has great success.

@Hiredhelp- "MS Chains? Really? So you consider exclusivity being chained down? With that logic, Halo should lose MS' chains, Naughty Dog should lose Sony's chains, etc... I disagree, let each platform have it's own exclusive.

C-H-E-F2180d ago

You are aware that the exclusivity wasn't at Respawns will? EA pulled that deal behind closed doors so yes it is MS Chains... smh novice readers of game entertainment.

spartan112g2179d ago

MS probably had to pay a great deal for those "chains" of which you speak, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. Also, they work for EA who probably doesn't care about their will. They see $'s which MS has a lot of. Haha

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WeAreLegion2180d ago

I hope we see a campaign in the sequels. These guys know how to make in incredible campaign.

GarrusVakarian2180d ago

Agreed, CoD 4's campaign was epic.

All Ghillied Up........

UncleGermrod2180d ago

Funny how it's the opposite of most games, where you would normally find yourself asking for MP in the next release. Granted almost all games have MP now, even if it feels tacked on just to say it's there. Still, if anything, you would expect games, especially console games, to be single player only before adding MP, not the other way around. Glad to see Titan Fall switch things up. While some shooters have deep and interesting campaigns, I feel like CoD is one franchise that may as well follow this "MP only" model. Who buys BF/CoD for the campaign?

lovethenoob2180d ago

I do lol, I actually like to beat the campaign before diving into MP

Charybdis2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Still I am interested in what they did with the two (online) campaigns of the two different factoins. I hope that the online campaign mode will be somewhat dynamic we do know they have scripted events and dialog but interested to see how and if the campaigns are worth playing through.

pyramidshead2180d ago

Guaranteed more sales too. If people knew it had a dedicated offline single player campaign it would encourage people to pick it up, think of all those people who enjoy the concept but don't really have good internet to play the damn thing lol. Plus I reckon they could do some interesting stuff with the mechs.

Lawboy22180d ago

There is a campaign....there is a rumor going around that in order to beat the campaign it will take somewhere ard 168 matches

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GarrusVakarian2180d ago

Vertical Take-Off and Landing.

UncleGermrod2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Vertical Take Off and Landing. Picture the V-22 Osprey or the VTOL kill streak from black ops. Harrier fighter jets would also be an example of VTOL.

Tedakin2180d ago

What scene are they talking about in the trailer?

Agent_hitman2180d ago

Too much Titanfall news lately eh?.. The hype is so high and I hope that it will succeed both console and PC.. same goes on PS4+Infamous bundle, of course this is N4G..

hiredhelp2180d ago

I sure with soo many asking for campaign even thoe too late now come titanfall 2 we see just that.
And i dont think it be timed exclusive nect time eaither.

JeffGUNZ2179d ago

I'm not so sure. EA doesn't own any rights to titanfall, just the rights to publish THIS installment. Respawn can go anywhere and if this game is a monster for MS, then it isn't unlikely that MS will dump tons of money for Respawn to be their studio or make the Titanfall series exclusives to MS. Who knows how this will play out.

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