Catching Up With the Man Who Made Donkey Kong Country's Brilliant Music

When it comes to iconic 90's gaming soundtracks it's impossible not to include the world-renowned Donkey Kong Country series. Behind these upbeat jungle jams and haunting underwater lullabies was a Rare Ware composer known as David Wise. Wise has worked on dozens of classic titles over the years, including RC Pro-Am, Battletoads, and Diddy Kong Racing.

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SteamPowered2179d ago

I like these soft news pieces for a change. And that guy looks like he rocked a piano tie for a good decade or more.

WeAreLegion2179d ago

I invented the piano key neck tie!

3-4-52179d ago

He also did the music for WWF Championship wrestling and Marble Madness.

He just makes really good catchy music that is memorable 15-20 years later.

WeAreLegion2179d ago

David Wise is so freakin' good. It's a shame we haven't seen him do more.

Tzuno2179d ago

Supernintendo Dk's still the best even for today, the music the graphics all of them as they were is better than today abominations of Dk.

SteamPowered2179d ago

I actually really enjoy DK:TF. It has a great look and feel to it. Its an old school side scroller with updated graphics and abilities.

ape0072178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

im a hardcore DK fan and i respectfully disagree, the two DK games on wii and wiiu are just incredible, it might miss that vintage RARE feel a little bit but damn the gameplay, level design and atmosphere are top notch

REDBEARD2179d ago

It would be cool to see if Wise would work with Retro for their future games, like Metroid.

WeAreLegion2179d ago

Do you know what you're asking? I love David Wise, but...

REDBEARD2178d ago

A collaborate effort between Wise and Yamamoto would be ideal. I do love the Metroid score.

LOL_WUT2178d ago

Amiss abys theme from DKTF is just brilliant can't get it out of my head. ;)

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