Thief Sells More On The PS4 Than On Xbox One, Debuts at Number 1 In UK This Week

GearNuke: "Thief is another multiplatform title that has huge success on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One. In its debut week in UK, it sold almost twice the number of copies on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One."

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Hatsune-Miku2180d ago

I'm glad it sold more on ps4 because that's the best version on consoles

Kurisu2180d ago

I gave you a bubble for the fact that you posted without feeling the need to say ps4 is the future and the future is ps4!

OlgerO2180d ago

Haha, thats awesome, bubble from me.

iGAM3R-VIII2180d ago

Lmaoooo I'm done hahahahaha nice one Kurisu

Anyway I think milo plays will probably sell more on th ps4 anyway because of the better visuals and all that good stuff.

seanpitt232179d ago

That was funny and anything that makes me laugh deserves a bubble!

SirBradders2180d ago

I'm not trolling when I say this but I think it's due to the fact it being primarily a media box for TV, movies and overlaying existing satellite boxes around the home.

vigilante_man2179d ago

No, no. It's more to the fact that there are more PS4s in the UK and the game has been advertised on TV by Sony for the PS4.

KnightRobby2180d ago

The Xbox One sales numbers are lower because of one reason: Titanfall. After the success of the beta, there are people that would rather lay down their hard-earned cash for this, also considering replaybility. Nearly 1 week away people! Woo-hoo!

jessupj2180d ago

I'm inclined to agree with that, but it's the same on the PS4 as well. Second Son launches soon after Titanfall so owners could be saving money for that as well.

I'm also still very busy with all my free PS4 games I get with PSN plus.

I think the real explanation for thief's sales is a lot more simple though. More PS4s sold equals more software sales. It's not rocket science.

harrisk9542180d ago


Huh? That is possibly the worst spin I have seen on N4G in a long, long time.

vigilante_man2180d ago

And what about the many PS4 owners waiting to buy Infamous Second Son?

Simply not true. More PS4 units plus better graphics for multi-platform games. Simple choice really...

JeffGUNZ2179d ago

Are we really arguing over this game. I got it this weekend and it's awful. The map system is awful, the not able to jump when you want to is terrible. The game is so repetitive and the weather is ALWAYS the same. blue/grey color scheme at night. I get it, it's about stealth, but come one, this is next gen. I'm trying to beat this as fast as possible to trade it in.

KnightRobby2179d ago

Certainly not a spin. Facts are not everyone can purchase multiple games. A lot of people right now are deciding on Thief (very average scores, no multiplayer) or Titanfall (winner of most E3 awards, excellent beta, etc). My assumptions are based on facts more than anything :)

Also, no doubt Infamous Second Son looks gorgeous! I'm jealous of you PS4 owners.

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Tedakin2180d ago

Digital Foundry would disagree.

PONTIAC08G8GT2180d ago

I'm not a rocket scientist, but it's pretty simple to figure out why the PS4 sold more copies then the X1.....their are more PS4 system owners. I'm pretty sure every multiplatform game is going to sell better on PS4 simply because the amount of people who own a PS4 is much greater then X1 owners. 5 million owners to 3 million owners.

medman2179d ago

More like 6 million to 3.4 million.

Kribwalker2179d ago

How many copies did plants vs zombies sell last week on Xbox one compared to ps4? It appeared at number 4 on that list

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TomahawkX2180d ago

I'm more surprised that it outsold the Xbox360 and PS3 versions combined. The attach rate for PS4 and this game must be 1:1.

Kurisu2180d ago

It's pretty crazy really. PS3 and 360 have a huuuugeeee install base compared to the PS4, yet the PS4 still manages to get almost 50% of sales. This shows just how great PS4 is doing in the UK and this is before big hitters like inFamous, The Order, Drive Club and third party games like Destiny.

Sayai jin2180d ago

@Tom- I see your point, but I am not really surprised, because the PS3 and 360 have a vast library of games. So a mediocre game at best is going to sell decently during cosnoles launch windows.

Rainstorm812180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

This trend will continue among multiplats.

You know X1 owners dont buy games ; j/k

Why o why2180d ago

Bubbles for the irony;)

RexLex2180d ago

Great,.. regardless what the media says,.. It is a really good Thief game.

starchild2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

It really is a great game. The reviewers that were harsh on the game are mostly people that don't understand what Thief is about and you can really see that when you read their reviews. It's not all of the media though. There were many dozens of reviewers that scored the game quite high (like 8s and 9s).

All in all there were a lot more positive reviews than negative, yet some hatemongers want to latch onto the low scores as if they were the gospel truth and ignore the more numerous positive reviews.

lovethenoob2179d ago

I'm enjoying the game as well. I think it's a huge change from what people are use too, where stealth is the core of the game, rather than combat.

JeffGUNZ2179d ago

I want to like it but I find it so dull. I wish they gave more freedom to, you know, jump when you want to. It's very repetitive to me and I don't care for the story line. The travel through the map section is really annoying too. I can't stand the loading screens every three minutes when I move 20 yards through the market.

Eldyraen2179d ago

That's how I feel as well.

I like a lot of things about it but just can't quite warm up to it as a whole. I may give it another go later on but as of now it is the first retail game on new consoles I have quit playing without beating it ;(

NewAgeisHere2180d ago

It's selling cause it's the only new game on next-gen consoles right now:)I say that and I'm a proud PS4 onwer. Not many interesting games to choose from on next-gen consoles right now, but they will come eventually.

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