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Tom Regan: "You know that feeling of disappointment you get when an actor you idolize lets themselves go? After years of only taking the best roles, they get to the point where they stop caring about the integrity of their brand, or artistic merit, and suddenly it’s all sequels and cameos as they lazily plaster their name on rubbish projects for big money. Well, that’s kind of what I feared had happened when I first heard about Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare.

What made Plants Vs. Zombies so compelling was its combination of depth, personality and accessibility – and it was difficult to imagine how any of these strategic gameplay tropes would transfer over to a third person setting at all – let alone competently. Yet, when you pick up that controller, bewilderingly, Garden Warfare does work – and pretty well, at that.

Garden Warfare is a class-based, multiplayer third person shooter, and is PopCap’s first ever 3D console title. They’ve got Garden Warfare running beautifully in the Frost..."

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