Salvage Announced by ex-Guitar Hero and DJ Hero Devs

Grab It Magazine is reporting about a new game created by the team behind the Guitar and DJ Hero games.

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iosgamer2177d ago

This game looks fricking awesome.

SlappingOysters2177d ago

I'm not huge on the whole dubstep thing, but when it thumps like that, then I can stomach it.

CoyoteHunter2176d ago

Yeah dubstep isn't really my scene. In saying that I thought the trailer looked really cool!

WeAreLegion2177d ago

Very nice. Sort of an Audiosurf meets Rez thing. Hoping to see it on the Google Play store soon.

iosgamer2177d ago

Yeah Rez deserves its own genre. Like we call Roguelikes after Rogue... Rezlikes.

Mikefizzled2177d ago

Audiosurf with explosions...

XiSasukeUchiha2177d ago

Damn looks cool, hopefully coming consoles?

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