User Designs His Own Twitch Overlay For PS4, Looks A Whole Lot Better Than Official One

GearNuke: "Twitch streaming on PS4 require a far better overlay for sure. While Sony hasn’t announced anything regarding an update to the - now dated - overlay, one user decided to design a better one."

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JetsFool35002186d ago

Looks nice same layout but just in different positions

Septic2186d ago

Makes sense too. I reckon this will be updated soon. Well I hope so anyway.

fenome2186d ago

Hopefully they update it to something similar.

I like where the camera is now, up in the right corner though. They should just put the comments down below it so that you can see more than two at a time and extend the screen all the way down to the bottom. That way you can have more game screen up and see more comments both at the same time..

harrisk9542186d ago

They don't look much different, but to say in the article:
"while it was good when the PS4 initially launched, it is beginning to show its age now." Seriously? Show it's age? the PS4 is not even 4 months old!!

BiggCMan2186d ago

I believe he means that, since we now know what the XBO overlay looks like for Twitch, the PS4 one now looks outdated. And he is right.

I love how simple Twitch is for PS4, but the layout is just terrible. I don't use a camera, but when I watch other people, the face box is just way too small.

The comment sections clearly the worst part, a lot of people even use a laptop or something on their side so they can read more comments and that needs to change.

TomShoe2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

They probably rushed the PS4 version out so they could have it for launch, hence why it looks so simple. It's not bad by any means, but it definitely seems rudimentary, especially considering how late in the game Twitch announced their support for PS4.

It'll probably get an update sometime in the near future, probably in April after Infamous: SS hits.

bub162186d ago

I don't like it, and there is to much empty space at the bottom

DanielGearSolid2186d ago

Dated? Wth? Knee jerk reaction to the x1 version lol

hkgamer2186d ago

kinda hilarious how it looks like it was made on paint.

Anyway, Sony does need to change the layout of the stream. Maybe get rid of most of the clutter. Allow users to edit the way it looks by rearranging text boxes and cam.

Another way is to have a companion app and have all the text viewable by tablet/phone/vita.