Brand New inFAMOUS: Second Son Footage Shows Plenty of Reflections and Neon Powers

GearNuke: "New inFAMOUS: Second Son footage shows off more of the nighttime traversal and neon powers of Delsin."

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Beastforlifenoob2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Everyone approves.
This game is the sh*t
Will buy day 1
Infamous 1 -Amazing
INfamous 2- Great
The series had a REALLY good trackline as of yet and I feel like second son is a fresh new experience rather than a cash grab like some games *cough*cod*cough

I feel as though the devs totally spiced up the gameplay and made it even more amazing and unique than the first two titles. Hopefully it has the OUTSTANDING replay value and gameplay hours as the past two games but no doubt in my mind it will and it will even blow the past two games out of the water (which is a pretty big feat considering how good they were)

Shadowsteal2182d ago

Dammit! Accidentally disagreed. :(

Kivespussi2182d ago

I hope the karma choices are better though. In past games the karma choices are bland and obvious. Do you want to blow up the enemy camp so it'll be easier to take out the rest of the enemies? But there are civilians in there. Blowing them up will kill the civs. Of course you'll choose the one that'll fit what you want to play as for this playthrough.

abzdine2182d ago

next gen starts march 21st.

ZodTheRipper2182d ago

Evil neon powers look so nice, only 3 weeks left!

GarrusVakarian2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I said i would go media blackout for this game but i just couldn't resist watching this video......those real time reflections on the ground look amazing and i think neon is shaping up to be my favourite power in any open world game. I love the burst of speed and colour.

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Shadowsteal2182d ago

A lot of people are raking on Infamous for lack of dynamic shadows. Its an OPEN WORLD game that looks just as good as linear Ryse. Compare Infamous to Dead Rising 3. DR3 ran at 720p and barely hit 30 frames. infamous runs at 1080p, to have the game look this fantastic, high quality textures, lighting and reflections, AND then ask for dynamic shadows, that's a bit much asking for an OPEN WORLD game coming out in LAUNCH WINDOW.

On the flip side, Ryse was linear, had repeated enemies and was 900p. Stop looking at the little things guys. Infamous: Second Son is made from the old 4gb ram devkits too. You guys make it sound like the lack of dynamic shadows will make the game shovelware.

2182d ago
ToastyMcNibbles2182d ago

Looks like you can combine powers in this case neon and smoke. Looks awesome can't wait, the game is right around the corner.

Shadowsteal2182d ago

I didn't see smoke to be honest, I thought it was because he was playing as evil Delsin. Like in Infamous 1 & 2 where if you were evil your electricity became orange/red.

kingdom182182d ago

Exactly what I was going to say, beat me to it.

ToastyMcNibbles2182d ago

True good point. I forgot about that aspect of Infamous.

madworld2182d ago

oh man what about this one

and yah it is DAYM HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.