Nintendo 3ds: Best Gaming Library?

Gamers often look at a consoles library before deciding which to buy: does the 3ds have the best variety?

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admiralvic2188d ago

Does the 3DS have that diverse of a library? Most of the titles I see are either RPGs or something Nintendo published. I mean, I certainly believe the PS2 / 3 / Vita have more in terms of diversity.

PoSTedUP2188d ago

it is. i wouldnt believe that the vita is anywhere near as diverse as the 3ds. the 3ds has genres that make genres say: "that's an actual genre!?". definitely not as diverse as the ps2, closer to the ps3 just not as hardcore. imo. i want one really bad.

PoSTedUP2188d ago

you.. want me to list genres..?

WeAreLegion2188d ago

Yes. What are the new genres you're talking about?

abzdine2188d ago

are there actually some good JRPGs on it?
never heard of some amazing ones on 3DS.
Other than Zelda i dont see what is worth it, but i might be wrong cause tbh i dont know much about 2DS library

PoSTedUP2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

@legion: th-that, that was more like only a joke tho...

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tubers2188d ago

The VITA lacks the "sim" genre (Fashion/AC/HM/RF on Nintendo) but I think the 3DS lacks more fighters, higher budget action games, racers and shooters.. maybe non cartoony sports too.

Since quality can be very subjective, it can boil down to software and hardware sales as a more weighty statement.

3DS surely takes the crown with that.

3-4-52188d ago

ps2 has been around a lot longer though.

For only being here since 2011 the 3DS has a lot of games worth playing.

dedicatedtogamers2188d ago

3DS is definitely diverse; the Vita is as well, especially if you add in backwards compatibility for both platforms.

Activemessiah2188d ago

You can play PSP games on Vita?

admiralvic2188d ago

Digital ones, yes. The Vita can also play certain PS1 classics.

dedicatedtogamers2188d ago

Nearly the entire PSP library is available on Vita, digitally of course. I can't think of any PSP games that are not available on Vita that I wanted to download with the exception of Valkyria Chronicles II (and even that can be put on PS Vita, but you have to do it in a runaround sort of way)

Activemessiah2188d ago

@admiralvic @AznGaara I see, Cheers. +1

WeAreLegion2188d ago

Nowhere near PS1, PS2, or SNES libraries. It's a good library, but the original DS still has a better lineup.

SG1_dapunisherX2188d ago

If i have to choose, which handle to get is 3ds . Best gaming library so far. Vita is alright what saving vita right now, is ps plus.

PoSTedUP2188d ago

i chose the vita bc of the power, oled and dual analogues, plus a lot of my favorite franchies. but if i had to pick a top 20 list of vita-only games, the list'd probably not make a full 20 i can recommend tbh. just around 20, probably a few more, if i were to include ports. i still love the thing, and its like an early ps3 as far as quality vs quanity atm, imo.

tubers2188d ago

Yes, PS+ is a major reason I haven't ditched the VITA but I still prefer the system over the 3DS since I'm not too fond of most Nintendo offerings.

il-JumperMT2188d ago

The only 2 games that intrest me on 3DS is Bravely Default and Fire Emblem.

PoSTedUP2188d ago

i want it for Kid Icarus: uprising, zelda lbw, harvest moon NL, animal crossing nb, pilot wings, mario kart, the yoshi game comming out, resident evilR, personaQ (most impotantly), plus to try a lot of the Jrpgs/rps and platformers that look pretty good. nano assult actually looks amazing, like an intricate super stardust.

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