Patch for Call of Duty 3 coming soon

Last week Call of Duty 3 has hit the stores for the Xbox 360 and the game has been received pretty well. There are some problems though on the online side, but don't worry, Infinite Ward told us on the official Xbox Forums that it's working hard to release a patch for all problems. They also give you some tips... read on for the whole post.

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The Snake4453d ago

Let me get this straight. Treyarch makes the game but Infinity Ward has to patch it for them? That sounds wrong to me. Make Treyarch fix their own mistake and let Infinity Ward work on the game that truly deserves Call of Duty status.

THWIP4452d ago

This game was basically an expansion to COD2, with Treyarch trying to add a couple wrinkles to put their personal stamp on it. Infinity Ward basically farmed out the game to Treyarch, sharing all the resources they could, with Treyarch building the game off of the COD2 source code. Infinity Ward had issues with online with the launch build of COD2...and Treyarch has NEVER DONE an online game for the 360 (Big Red 1 was the ONLY game they'd ever done online for, and Infinity Ward helped with that game as well).
I just hope that the Spider-Man 3 game hasn't had to suffer, because of dev time put into COD3; S-M2 and USM were big enough disappointments, that S-M3 needs to be nearly flawless to make up for them.

Funky Town_TX4452d ago

This made me hate COD2. How about you keep the game untill you can fix it. Darn patches. 360 is becoming a PC. Always needing to patch games. Look at GEARS of WAR no need to patch the game.

Capt CHAOS4452d ago

The PS3 will suffer the same woe, if not worse, the presece of a HD just allows them to patch when they feel. Not too impressed, it's a great game but despite the large number of online players, it JUST doesn't play like COD2 and it's a shame. The maps are generally too big and alot of them have vehicles. Gimme smaller maps minus vechicles anyday..

Mr Murda4452d ago

...with these developers. I know they play test on XBL (at least I assume they do), and when they launch the game there are problems. Let's just take care of it before you launch. Oh well!

SjaakHaas4452d ago

I love COD3, SP and MP. SP look great, the same rollercoaster as in COD2 and COD. Just amazing when u climb that wall in the St. Lo.

So issues are in handling "Joining friend seesions". If the MP system cant connect then ur stuck in the MP menu. Everything you do results in a "Searching.. Joining..." process. Making ur own game, connecting and quiting or rebooting is the only solution until the patch :)

Part from that. Nice MP! (Without the tanks :D )

Asylumchild4452d ago

Is enyone not able to accept game invites and join sessions in progress, like me?