Zpace Racers Arrives on Nintendo Virtual Boy

Triverse writes, "Since the Nintendo Virtual Boy was a 3D system, it would seem that there should have been more 3D racing games on the platform. Sadly, this merging of game genre and hardware went uncapitalized on. That has not stopped indie developers from taking a shot at correcting this situation though. Welcome Zpace Racers, a recent submission into the Planet Virtual Boy Coding Competition."

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XiSasukeUchiha2184d ago

The first, new virtual boy game since 1995 so in how many years was that?

ChickeyCantor2183d ago

Why are you even answering? He really couldn't answer that himself?

triverse2183d ago

@Chickey, your answer is more pointless than mine. At least mine was informative, not sure what the point of your answer was.

ChickeyCantor2183d ago

Yours wasn't informative at all. It's basic arithmetic. I'm just surprised he is able to write English but not do simple subtraction.