New Tales of Link Trailer Released

AbyssalChronicles: "A new Trailer for upcoming mobile game app Tales of Link has been released today, featuring new animated scenes, gameplay and character introductions."

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maniacmayhem2179d ago

Every Tales game should come to the PS3. I want to play every Tales game I can.

DCfan2179d ago

Xillia did pretty well in the west, i dunno about Symphonia but we seem to be getting lots of Tales of games recently so thats a good sign.

ShoryuSwordsman2178d ago

Well the xillia sequel is being released, and the next flagship title (zestiria) has already been announced for worldwide release, as well as the rerelease of both symphonia titles that came out a couple weeks ago. Plenty to look forward to for the tales series

Morpheuzpr2179d ago

There's like 4 psp Tales games that stayed in japan. Hopefully they bring them to the west.