The Score: Where do you Predict Nintendo’s QOL Platform Will Take Them?

"In addition, we ask for your thoughts on Iwata’s recent, yet interesting, QOL statements.More specifically, we ponder what this QOL platform means for the future of Nintendo" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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BoneBone2182d ago

I predict it will take their Wii Fit and Brain Training brands and turn them in to a stand alone brand away from the reliance of buying a new console every 5 years.

Wii Fit was an amazing phenomenon. Wii Fit U is better in every way, but there's a $299 new console cost barrier in the way which makes it less accessible.

So to summarise, they will make the Wii Fit / Brain Training brands more accessible to the consumer.

gpturbo812182d ago

sadly its still cheaper than alot of gym memberships.

LegendarySins2182d ago

I just hope the "quality of games" don't suffer because of it. Nintendo already admitted they underestimated the develpoment time of HD games and they are already spread thinly, so how have they got time to start a complete new side business without affecting workflow on new games?

N4g_null2182d ago

Technically this has already started. Yet there only seems to be new hardware involved.

BosSSyndrome2182d ago

No freakin clue. I barely understand what its supposed to be about.