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majiebeast2188d ago

I remember Street Figher IV Vanilla online, everything was Sagat and Ken.

maniacmayhem2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

That is very frightening news...vanilla Sagat?! I weep as a guile player.

I wonder if they will allow these characters in rank matches.

Dmagic2188d ago

you still got super guile you will be fine he was broken

maniacmayhem2188d ago

Oh, you know it. I don't think he was broken, he was given the necessary improvements to hang with shotos.

kenshiro1002188d ago

God help us all if he returns.

dedicatedtogamers2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Seems like a lotta fun. I just picked up two nice Hori sticks in anticipation for GG Xrd and BlazBlue Whatever (comes out in a few weeks) not to mention all the other fighting games I own, so I'll definitely pick this up. Hope they add other modes in addition to the "version selection". Though I played a bit of Super, I haven't owned a SF4 since...well..SF4

NarooN2188d ago

I don't see how Capcom gets away with re-releasing the same game with minor tweaks and maybe 1 or 2 new characters in it, and charging as much as they do for it. All of these updates should've been free and given out in patches rather than full-on stand-alone expansion pack format. You never saw the Tekken devs do this.

Dmagic2188d ago

you know nothing about fighting games if you think they only had "minor" tweaks and it cost 1 million dollars to make 1 character i dont blame them. after all you only payed 15$ for the update the game was only 40$

NarooN2188d ago

I know about fighting games since I've been playing them since the 90's.

Tweaking characters' hitboxes, damage values for moves, move properties in general, adding/removing moves, etc. Those things are indeed "minor" because they can easily be accomplished via a simple title update.

I find it hilarious how so many people shit-talk Capcom 24/7, but turn around and suck up everything they shove down your throats. They make and release 50 different versions of the same game, and everyone keeps buying them anyway, while simultaneously complaining about it. Such hypocrisy.

You're delusional if you honestly think those kind of gameplay tweaks are "major", as in something you should actually pay for.

Dmagic2188d ago

you're a fool that can literally change it into a new game and add years of replay value and they have never added less than 6 characters.

ChickeyCantor2188d ago

"it cost 1 million dollars to make 1 character "

You are hilariously ill informed.

Dmagic2188d ago

@ChickeyCantor please do tell me how so smartass ill wait then smack you in the face with facts.

ChickeyCantor2188d ago

Your facts? Do tell us your -oh so- informed source.

There are 43 characters in there. According to you that's 43 million dollars just for the characters alone.

Stop making stuff up. You're just being obnoxious.

Dmagic2188d ago

ryu,ken,akuma,evilryu, use the same body and most of the assets are the same same with yun & yang and a couple others some were not as expensive but anyways for the more in the ball park of of 30 millions

you can check his credentials yourself and if you want to look its a great artical somewhere on the web explaining why the cabs for the game cost 25,000$ to order this stuff is not cheap and if you believe they made this game for less than 40 mill you are a ass.

ChickeyCantor2187d ago

Nothing in that article points to a source. The only ass is you.

I can make up figures too, doesn't mean you should have the audacity to be a complete jerk towards other people.

I know the likes of you who think they know everything in the world. Reality will hit you hard mate.

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MrSwankSinatra2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

You don't see tekken do this because instead re-releasing the same game they just make sequels in place of that. why do you think you can go back to the very first tekken and every character will still have the same moveset it did back then. the only thing that changes in the sequels are new characters and few tweaks. it's literally the same thing capcom does. It's pretty obvious you don't know anything about fighters otherwise you would know that.

NarooN2188d ago

Actually Namco DID do revisions of the Tekken games, but usually only in the arcades. Tekken 2 had about two or three revisions, Tekken 3 had about 3 revisions, Tekken 4 was hilariously untouched (overpowered Jesus-tier Jin and Steve trolol), Tekken Tag Arcade had noticeable gameplay differences once it got released on the PS2, Tekken 5 became Tekken 5.1 a.k.a. Dark Resurrection which got released on PSP and PS3 later on, Tekken 6 got the Bloodline Rebellion update which was labeled simply as "Tekken 6" when it hit consoles, and Tag 2 received a heapload of updates throughout its arcade run before hitting consoles. They even considered having a subtitle for the console released at one point because the game had evolved so much.

Your refutation ignores the whoring that Capcom did even back in the 90's. SF II had like, what, six remixes? SF III had three, and then the series pretty much died for 50 decades until SF IV hit. Why make sure the game is properly balanced initially when they know sheep will eat up paid updates anyway?

Not to mention if they *wanted* to do updates back then, they couldn't anyway because downloadable patches weren't feasible at the time. However when we entered the 7th generation, that was no longer an excuse. They could've easily released those updates to the main game itself, but decided to just spam a bunch of new outfits, add a couple characters, change move properties, and call it an "expansion".

Also, it's hilarious how you claim *I* don't know "anything" about fighters, yet you lie your ass off when you say you can go back to the old Tekkens and everyone has the same moves. TONS of characters either received major updates that changed their entire feel, or had their movesets entirely replaced with new ones.

Jin got an entirely new moveset in Tekken 4, Nina was further diversified from Anna in T4, and Anna was basically her own style when she came back in T5, Dr. B's moveset in Tag 2 is only vaguely similar to his T3 moveset, Ogre got heavily revamped in Tag 2, Devil Jin was added in Tekken 5 and he was basically a combination of Tag 1 Devil Kaz + Jin + Jun, I could go on. This isn't even taking into consideration the fact that the earlier games didn't even have certain established techniques such as crouch/wavedashing, which drastically changed the way certain characters were played.

Tekken characters got a shit-load of new moves per game, to the point that it's a rarity that any characters DON'T have more than 100+ moves, compared to Tekken 2 or Tekken 3 where most people had about 50 or so.

So yeah, you were wrong about pretty much everything.

likeaboss3022188d ago

I hope this is a separate mode and not allowed in ranked play.

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