I Was A Final Fantasy Addict

Buzzfeed: "I thought I had grown up and left role-playing games behind. But I couldn’t resist trying the highly hyped Bravely Default to see if I was ready to relapse."

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Simco8762181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

This is a good article. I feel the same way,as a grown man with two kids. I never knew how much time I dropped on FF, Suikoden, Lunar and Vandal just seemed so awesome at the time.

I will actively avoid RPGs now because I know it would take me months to finish and I would miss out on other games I love. Like open world adventures and FPS, that I can pick up after a few days and be right in the action. That I can consume in the short hour or two I have before real life starts to creep back in.

I might spring for a Fallout or Elder Scrolls, but are those the same RPGs we loved as a child? Man how time changes.

3-4-52180d ago

Bravely default is awesome. It's one of the easiest RPG's to get into and has a ton of customization as well as a really good OST & Art Style.

Magicite2180d ago

Im sick and tired of any shooters or lame-ass action games.
I choose JRPG any time of day!

Toon_Link2180d ago

I'm with you on this one, being a dad takes away a lot of free time so games that are more easily drop in and out are more attractive these days. The worst thing to happen when playing a rpg is forgetting what you where up to after a short break from playing and just being stuck until you randomly arrive at your next objective. Luckily for my wife she takes public transportation to San Francisco for work so she gets way more time than I do for gaming.

Akuma072180d ago

I have as much time as any Man-child, and I was able to play over 200 hours of Skyrim, and loved every second of it.

Weekends are where it's at, I make sure I set aside some ME time, because everyone needs that. I also spend maybe 3-4 hours a week playing after everyone is settled down.

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dcj05242181d ago

Not XIV lol,it's alive and thriving. And XV looks good too.

2181d ago
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