South Park: The Stick of Truth- How it can Succeed

Television to video game hasn't always worked out. This is what South Park: The Stick of Truth needs in order to succeed.

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GordonKnight2182d ago

It's shame that it won't be on the Wii U! Since everyone thinks the Wii U is a last gen console.

Ok, I'm just disappointed because I really like playing RPGs on the gamepad.

What else can they do.? The game is being released in the biggest installmentbase PS3/360.

Sayburr2182d ago

I would like to give the game a try, but I no longer have my 360... so it will need to be released for 8-gen before I get to play it... so, I doubt I will ever get to play it.

Sayburr2182d ago

Not one worth anything, it has problems running old games like Civ iv... So, not an option for me.

WeAreLegion2182d ago

Ah. I feel ya there, man. :/ I hope you get to play it at some point though.

DarkLord10032182d ago

Thank you - come on - tell Ubisoft how it can succeed two days before its release...

Ofthingsmanmade2182d ago

Dat Captain Hindsight though.

CorndogBurglar2182d ago

Does anyone know if this is old school turnbased like the old FF games? If it is, I'm all over it. If not, i'll pass.

WeAreLegion2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

It is. They make fun of it, too.

Here's the preview I saw it in.

(I don't like looking at the guy either, but what are ya gonna do?)

DFogz2182d ago

Yes, old-school turn based gameplay.

Meter management (HP,PP,&Mana) varied basic attacks (ranged,light,&heavy) special abilities, summons, party members, status effects, items/potions, attack stances, etc.
It's got it all!

CorndogBurglar2182d ago

Awesome, thanks for the responses, guys. That was the only thing holding me back on making this a definite buy.

I hate what RPG's have become, like the newer FF games. I can't stand them. I was hoping this would be straight up turn based. Good times!

2182d ago
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