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VGN Author writes: Welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy, home of Japan’s brightest and future saviors. The monumental honor of stepping foot into this prestigious school requires being the best at what you do. The students selected to attend have earned titles of being the “Ultimate” at their specialty – ranging from pop stars, athletes, programmers, to fanfic creators and even the “Ultimate Biker Gang Leader.” You are quickly inserted into the protagonist’s role of Makoto Naegi to find out there is nothing particularly special about you; you are a fairly average student who has been randomly accepted to the academy via raffle, thus deemed as the “Ultimate Lucky Student.”

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techologie2189d ago

Im about 2 hours into this game and I must say that they did an excellent job with this.

PoSTedUP2189d ago

^*taunts postedup*

i know! i know! for godsakes leeemee aloneee *cries cuz he cant afford it atm*. :p

TheTowelBoy2189d ago

*Poors some out for homie's backlog

techologie2189d ago

I lold probably more than i should have at this

3-4-52189d ago

I was thinking about buying this tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I should start with 999, then play ZE:VLR & then DanganRonpa 1.

I've never really played one of these types of games though. I like book and reading so I might like this.

PoSTedUP2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

999? and i wanted ZE, i played the demo and it was really good and interesting. and yeah this is like a digital novel like Fate/Extra or something, i read a lot too so i think youll like this. i started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series recently, and man is it good so far... highly recommend it. gonna see the movie when im done and start on the next one.

i just went on a crazy impulsive psp/ps1 spree lately, plus with pinball tables and DLC, no extra money for games... kinda regret it now too, ive heard nothing but good things about this.