Why Resolution Doesn't Doesn't Matter

Gamerevolution "I can understand why some people are over the conversation about resolution, like Erik Kain at Forbes. Every console generation is the same-old "this console vs. this console: this one looks derp better", and now that aggregate sites and imageboards are all the rage, we're treated to multiple screenshot comparisons throughout the week."

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GribbleGrunger2186d ago

I wonder why we didn't have articles like this last generation?

rodiabloalmeida2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

New hardware + 720p = unacceptable.
On old consoles, 720p is reasonably acceptable.

That's the reason.

FITgamer2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Edit: They matter, but they don't matter?

dantesparda2186d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Man, the MS fanboy are pushing this fake excuse hard! Remember folks, res doesnt matter, until its 1080p on the X1 then it matters like all hell again. And 60fps is king accept for when its a sub 30fps exclusives than fps isnt the most important. They just keep making up excuses. Its pathetic!

lemoncake2186d ago

Lack of 4k all around is most disapointing, these consoles arent built to last very long this gen. All 3 cheapped out wanting to make profit from the console sales not just the game sales like it used to be.

dantesparda2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Res, dont matter? then stick to a PS3/360 then, why pay $500 for a X1?

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rafaman2186d ago

Ryse 900p looks better than killzone 1080p.
That's why resolution doesn't matter so much

Boody-Bandit2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Because it doesn't.
I've played them both extensively. Killzone is a much better overall looking game (scope, depth, textures, effects, more complex game mechanics, higher amount of information on screen at any given time, better performance (60-40fps and not 30-12fps).

KZ is way more graphic intense than Ryse. The most important aspect is KZ plays better. Ryse is an extremely simplistic engine that doesn't evolve enough throughout the duration of the game. Other than more dramatic execution. But once you seen them once you seen them. They added nothing to the level of immersion of the overall game. I only used them to slow down big battles.

On topic:
Resolution matters.

imuze2186d ago

don't lay out your stupidity on the net for us to shred you.

lemoncake2186d ago

Ryse is by far the overall best graphically looking game out atm, nothing comes close. Kz has some nice moments but thats it.

IRNMUNKEY2185d ago

Also Killzone MP isn't 1080p its actually nearer 720p but you'll never find that out on this site as it being buried

cozomel2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Oh boy here we go with even more fanboy stupidity, Ryse is not better Not that looking than KZ, not even close. Ryse is choppy, with choppy animations, repetitive as all hell. And very monochrome. You fanboys wish Ryse looked as good as you claim, Infamous looks alot better than Ryse And irnmunkey Ryse is only 900p with plenty below 30fps dips and stupid AI

rafaman2185d ago

Let me tell you something about Killzone, from an Eurogamer article that popped up yesterday, but I can´t find it anymore on N4g. Why is that?

"In the single-player mode, the game runs at full 1080p with an unlocked frame-rate (though a 30fps cap has been introduced as an option in a recent patch), but it's a different story altogether with multiplayer. Here Guerrilla Games has opted for a 960x1080 framebuffer, in pursuit of a 60fps refresh. Across a range of clips, we see the game handing in a 50fps average on multiplayer. It makes a palpable difference, but it's probably not the sort of boost you might expect from halving fill-rate."


Now, let me tell you about Ryse:

"Whether you're storming the beaches of Britannia or exploring Rome itself, you'll be stunned by how much better Ryse looks than anything else you've ever played."

"Ryse might just be the best looking game we've ever seen on a console. Developer Crytek has a long history of creating stunning looking titles in the Crysis series, but this really looks a cut above what we've witnessed elsewhere. Lighting reflects off armour beautifully, fire effects are a joy to behold while the art style is simply lovely. If this is what the next-generation is capable of, we're more than happy with the results.

Players will be taking charge of Marius Titus, a Roman general and all round badass warrior. Ryse

- See more at:

"Most of you will agree with me if i say Ryse: Son of Rome is the "Best Looking Next-Gen Game" on either consoles."

Also, IGN says Ryse is the best looking too.

just check this IGN video on Youtube and they will say it is the best . ;)

IGN again

Star Citizen Creator: “The Best-Looking Next-Gen Game is Ryse”
Crave Online: "We agree".

"As you can tell from our review for Ryse: Son of Rome, we very much enjoyed it. However, I thought I would make another article just to restate how great the game itself looks. From my experience so far with next generation games, Ryse: Son of Rome stands above the rest graphically. Due to the controversy of the game being 900p rather than the previously announced 1080o, many might be surprised to learn that the game looks as good as it does."


So, those arent my words... go argue with the media, not me ;)

lemoncake2185d ago

Killzone isnt 1080p , they lied. At least microsoft kept it real with Ryse and said it as it was and didn't hide it.

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Mithan2185d ago

These articles were everywhere last Gen at the start.

StarshipZero2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Saying resolution doesn't matter is as ridiculous as saying a smooth frame rate, textures, lighting, anti aliasing or particle effects don't matter.

dantesparda2185d ago

Havent you heard? it only matters what the X1 can do.

Chaostar2186d ago

I think people will miss the double negative in the title :)

Destrania2186d ago

Haha, yeah I didn't catch that the first time.

Bathyj2186d ago

Soooooo, it DOES matter now?

I'm so confused. :(

Destrania2186d ago

The double negative of 'doesn't' means it does matter. And yes, it DOES matter lol.

Bathyj2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Why I hate articles that start with the word "Why"

Hey! "Xbox Two" I made that up.

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