Xbox One Deals of the week: COD Ghosts/NFS Rivals/AC IV: Black Flag $40, Console w/ Game $500 & more

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andrewsimons2177d ago

I remember seeing this week Titanfall bundle with free game for $500. Is this deal still available?

Outlaw19862177d ago

I think it comes out the day Titanfall comes out on March 11th. U should pre order from Amazon for no tax. Save u some $.

edgarohickman2177d ago

Is Gamedealdaily legit?
Never heard of this website before.

Prime1572177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I don't know, but in the last few posts there have been 3 posts from them, one for x1 (this post), one for ps4, and one for 3ds...

Just seems like trying to get hits as they all have the same title for the most part.

Tom872177d ago

Best Buy also have 15% off any video game accessories with purchase of any game.

Apollo12177d ago

Added to list. Thanks :)

Ipunchbabiesforfun2177d ago

Remember when COD would stay $60 for years? Glad that's over.

elmaton982177d ago

Seeing as cod is losing a lot of popularity, I'm glad the game is being offered for a lot less almost everywhere and, dispute that, the game isn't selling nearly as much as earlier releases.

Batnut002177d ago

Already preordered the Titanfall Bundle and am eagerly awaiting!

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