A Look at the PS4 games out this month (March, 2014)

PS4Home: "Looking at the slew of games which will be released this month (March, 2014) it’s clearly evident that PS4 owners are going to be well served."

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GarrusVakarian2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Can't wait to get my first proper next gen, open world fix with Infamous SS.

fenome2182d ago

Ha! Nice!

I'm gonna be having that same beanie soon with my collectors edition.

hkgamer2181d ago

Infamous and MGS getting released too close together. I'm a massive MGS fan so I will be getting that and probably wait until I am bored of that game then I will finally be able to play infamous.

Agheil2182d ago

Don't forget about Dead Nation !

rbluetank2182d ago

it will be a good March.. I can not wait to get Infamous SS.

Geekman2182d ago

Top 5:
1)Infamous: Second Son
3)Deep Down
4)Shadow of Mordor
5)Uncharted 4

fenome2182d ago

Nice list!

You forgot about The Order 1886 though :p

I've got a feeling they've got some nice surprises for us at E3 though too. Can't wait to see what my list looks like then!

Geekman2182d ago

I'll probably get alot of flak for this, but I have no interest in the Order. That's just me.

fenome2182d ago

That's all good, no flak given from here man. That's your list, I'm the one who threw that game in there. lol

Game on and have fun with it man.

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