Top 5 worst gaming related tattoos

The subject of gaming tattoos is normally one filled with stories of amazing, well drawn, detailed, kick ass homages to some of gamings most pivotal moments and gaming heroes. These five are anything but what I’ve described

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NarooN2176d ago

Nipples of doom, lol!

lsujester2176d ago

I think I'd had to take the tattoo money and put it towards some plastic surgery.. dayum!

Bathyj2177d ago

I must admit, Id like to get a small discreet triangle, square, cross, circle tattoo, but Ive held off cos I know it would mean I never get laid again.

WillGuitarGuy2176d ago

at all*

Jokes man, jokes. On topic though, that last tattoo made the article. It's so bad lmao.

WeAreLegion2176d ago

You'll still get laid, man. Chicks love the DualShock. ;)

Prime1572176d ago

It's a feminist double standard! /s

Lol, it is true, though, a girl with that would get laid quite easily (not to mention all the tri force girls).

Uh, I'm just going to shut up now...

PoSTedUP2176d ago

man, that controller-contribute really made me think of my bestfriend and his PS3 controller i still have with his "M" carved in it... '91-'10.

and man, the regret that's gonna be had in about 9 years... lmao daamn. id never get a tatoo, but, more importantly id never get a silly tatoo that id totally regret years down the line.

DarthBigE2176d ago

I always wanted a red mushroom from mario came close once but didnt know where to put it. Also a square, triangle, circle, cross....also not sure to put it. But, my cousin once told me "getting a tattoo is a permanent mark of temporary insanity."

PoSTedUP2176d ago

pretty true. i wanted a bomb-bomb from mario, but, realized i can just represent it on a shirt or something and wear it whenever i feel like it...

StockpileTom2176d ago

I know where you could put that mushroom but...

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