Report - Call of Duty 2014 Development Ramps Up, Next-Gen Visual Effects on Xbox 360 and PS3?

MP1st - Sledgehammer Games is building staff as the studio ramps up development on Call of Duty 2014, recently rumored to be a new entry in the Modern Warfare series.

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aceitman2185d ago

Next-Gen Visual Effects on Current-Gen? or the other way around . hope they use a new engine .

creatchee2185d ago

I wouldn't mind if they made a new engine and downported to 360 and PS3, but I'm tired of crossgen games holding back Xbox One and PS4's potential.

GearSkiN2185d ago

Still early that's why they still do port.

kayoss2185d ago

160 million ps3 and x360 world wide combined.Those are very large potential sale numbers. They will continue to make cross gen as long as they can.

creatchee2185d ago

I'm not saying you can't make the new games for last gen too, but design them on the new consoles and then port lesser versions to 360 and PS3.

PONTIAC08G8GT2184d ago

COD feels like the 25 year old cat you have in your house. Every year it gets older and worse, yet it refuses to die and just hangs around.

COD needs a complete overhaul. The gameplay has been the same for X amount of years. Releasing the game each year is beginning to feel like a sports game.

DeadlyFire2184d ago

There will always be some improvement, but the visuals from PS3/X360 to next gen will be growing year to year in the future I believe.

Kryptonite42O2184d ago

I doubt they will use a new engine at this point.. Its too early, but one can only hope.

In all honesty, Infinity Ward needs to step aside and let Treyarch make another COD... Im still playing Black Ops 2, since Infinity Ward pooped the bed with that disappointment that is COD Ghosts. I bought it... played it a few times, then went back to blops2. I just wish I could play it on my X1..

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XiSasukeUchiha2185d ago

Hopefully it's different experience but lessons taught me never to be excited for COD

angelsx2185d ago

No no no no we heard same shit before many times.

Ashunderfire862185d ago

All I really hope for is to get that excitement I got when Call of Duty first switch over to Modern instead of World War 2. It look so real like the war in the Iraq at the time. It was truly the best in the series.

I am looking for that surprising change in the Call of Duty series that will make you go wow like the first Modern Warfare!

TheGrimReaper00112184d ago

Dude! This one will have a new ai system, so they'll have birds fly out of the way when you get close
There's also new interactive smoke and wind
With highly advanced AI to make new dogs
this IS next Gen COD!

StarshipZero2185d ago

"Next-Gen Visual Effects on Xbox 360 and PS3"

This defies logic.

pwnsause_returns2185d ago

forget next gen fish...its all about that next gen Dog AI...

dazzrazz2185d ago

When did anything coming from PR Activision had ever any logic :P

HurtfulTimez2185d ago

Yep i think they really need to go back to basics and make it a military shooter instead of a terrible cheesy holloywood blockbuster film wannabe.... COD4 was great beacause it was about shooting people. not all this throwing knives and axes and stabbing people from 10 feet away we see now...

Number-Nine2185d ago

Fish AI now swims up and down, towards you and in circles.

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The story is too old to be commented.