Is $60 for a level-boost too cheap?

Azeroth has been split down the middle into two distinct factions. No, not Alliance and Horde; the divide between players who think it's ok to buy their way up to level 90, and those that don't.

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1OddWorld2184d ago

Quit the game over a year ago with 4 lvl 90's and never looked back. I seen the writing on the wall with other purchasable game content and could see that it wasn't going to end. World of Warcraft will be milked until its last dying breath but I wont be a part of its destruction, for it was once a great game.

Anyone want an account over half a million gold and 4 lvl 90's... Warlock, Druid, Mage, Priest. I loved casters. There is also a level 85 Warrior and a Twink 29 Rogue.