PlatinumGames creative producer talks Bayonetta 2 Wii U exclusivity

During a presentation held at UCF’s Center for Emerging Media last week, PlatinumGames creative producer JP Kellams shared a few words pertaining to Bayonetta 2′s Wii U exclusivity.

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mii-gamer3490d ago

I hope this shuts people up. Nintendo funded the project period - you are not getting bayonetta 2 on any other platform but the wii u

Silly gameAr3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

People know this already. How many times are we going to have to hear this. Just finish the game and stop paying attention to the people asking why. It's almost as played out hearing about it then people asking why it's exclusive.

It almost feels like some weird marketing strategy now then anything else.

drizzom3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Yeah its probably just a poor marketing attempt. After the initial explanation about why it had to be this way everyone kinda understood and dropped the matter. People are generally glad that Bayo2 can exist and nobody is really raging over it.

..Doesn't mean they'll go out and get a WiiU for it but their glad none the less. >_>

worldwidegaming3490d ago

This is all we have been hearing all year.
The same broken record.
This is going to win. that is dead.
wahhh wahhhh.
I almost miss when people thought "Deal with it" was cool until some certain douche bag told people to deal with it setting off this whole fanboy shitstorm that still has not let up!

Exclusive is exclusive. people need to let go...

DanManDantheMan3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

You see jay2's comment and pretty much the rest of the idiots' comments below?

Yeah, this isn't some marketing ploy.

NewMonday3490d ago

Nintendo paid to get the game made, they made it possible, so that is a good thing.

unlike MS who just pay to keep multi-platform games away from other consoles.

badz1493490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

for the record, I don't like Bayonetta even a little bit and I just played the demo of the 1st and it's not my cup of tea and just by watching the trailer of the 2nd almost make me vomit for it is so cheesy, it's basically over the top!

now that I've been clear about that, I just drop by to tell you guys who are thinking "exclusive is exclusive" or "deal with it" etc. just remember that money talks. Remember the 1st Mass Effect? PUBLISHED by Microsoft and we knew well how EA bought Bioware and the game appear on the PS3. not enough? Ninja Gaiden games...supposedly funded by Microsoft to be exclusives, and then Sigma happened and then even followed by Sigma Plus! Dead Space Extraction? Wii exclusive and after it tanked on the Wii, EA basically gave it away with the PS3's version of DS2 in HD.

oh...Nintendo is not Microsoft, you say? remember RE went Nintendo exclusive during the GC day? the console tanked and ALL those exclusives released on the PS2. Viewtiful Joe, anyone?

what I'm trying to say here is, don't even say "exclusive is exclusive" especially for 3rd party games and also especially when the console it's on is lagging in sales! you only say THAT for true 1st party exclusives like Halo for MS, Uncharted for Sony and Marios for Nintendo.

end rant.

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numNuts3490d ago

Guess i'll just have to wait for Bayonetta 3 on ps4.

LOL_WUT3490d ago

It'll come eventually unless the man hates money ;)

mikel10153490d ago

Lol U mad bro? Not our problem that Sony can't even afford their own stores.

wonderfulmonkeyman3490d ago

Yeah, and you won't make that sell well, either, just like the first time.
At least with a fresh audience, it's a new chance for the franchise, even if it does take a long-run to make it sell more than the first game.

Neonridr3490d ago

not if Nintendo was smart and bought Platinum. That would be the end of that.

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zeal0us3490d ago

Many people known that it will be exclusive for the WiiU. Just some N4G users don't like it. While I won't be getting a WiiU however I am glad the project got funded and will see the light of day.

Chrischi19883490d ago

N4G members dont like anything, that can be good for Wii U. Then they start to ask why, but if they get an exclusive game, it is our fault for not owning their system... what can one expect on here?

brich2333490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Although I am not the one complaining about Bayonetta 2, It wont shut people up. Its Platinums IP and i am sure they will probably bring it to the other consoles in the future after some WII U exclusivity time. Unless nintendo were to buy more exclusivity time, but if it doesnt sell than Nintendo will probably let platinum do what they want with thier game.

Remember when all those RARE games were on N64, and then they ended on Xbox because nintendo sold rare. Look at the First Mass Effect game on the Xbox360 for another example.

Realplaya3490d ago

Evidently you still don't get it.


Summons753490d ago

Except theyve stated in interviews they are building the game around the gamepad which you can't get on anyother system without going out of your way and spending unnecessary money or it, even then its not the same as the gamepad.

I get your comparison but its not the same, especially when its being funded by Nintendo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3490d ago

Let me educate you.
Platinum Games is an independent game development studio. Who seeks publishers and funding for their games.

Rare is not independent.
Rare was second party for Nintendo because Nintendo had shares in them. Platinum Games doesn't allow it.

mii-gamer3490d ago

My god did you even read the article?

Chrischi19883490d ago

Platinum Games said once, they would love to become 2nd Party Studio for Nintendo.

3dmariofan683490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )


brich2333489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I read the article, It doesnt say anything about being a Permanent Exclusive. The word exclusive doesnt mean anything. You guys are acting like Nintendo cant sell the Rights to the game back to Sega. So stop trying to sound smart, because you are not!

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nidhogg3490d ago

The game still won't sell though. and don't hate me on that opinion just because it's true. Good for them if they wanted their dream to survive.. good for them. but will it give food to their plates? not enough as when developers from Witcher 3 and others will sell theirs. good riddance Platinum. *snicker* go compete with Mario haha.

wonderfulmonkeyman3490d ago

Put away your crystal ball, Pachter Jr. You don't know how well this game will sell, and given the substantial amount of press it's gotten, way more than the first one ever did, your claim looks weak indeed.
Go enjoy your sparkle-laden photo-realism shit fest.
No one here cares about Bitcher 3; we're here to celebrate Bayonetta's continued survival.
Don't like it?
Cry us a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
Or under it, considering your trollish nature.:P

videgamenext13490d ago

It wont sell ? Last time i checked i already have money down on my pre-order for this.

bayonetta3490d ago

The biggest problem are people who do not want to understand the reason of this exclusive and what Nintendo did with PG.

To be honest
I prefer having Bayonetta on any console rather than not having it at all

Did You Miss Me ??

Get A Wii U

Aceman183490d ago

Even with it being exclusive I just don't see this game selling well. Look at W101 no advertising at all and its numbers are so disappointing. I expect the same for this for not only lack of advertising, but also those who probably liked the first won't be ponying up the dough to buy a WiiU just for this one game.

I played it on 360 and just couldn't tolerate it at all.

Chrischi19883490d ago

Not for this game alone for sure. But to make a console attractive, you gotta have games, that people want. The library has to become larger, with more games. People always say, not for 1 game, ok, but until then, it will not be only one game.

pyramidshead3490d ago

People know this but are still a bit salty I guess.

It's kinda sad though. An amazing sequel to an amazing game released on a console no-one wants to buy it for except a niche. It will sell badly and that makes me sad. Like it's sent out to die. :(.

Will probably buy a WiiU for it when the the console is selling for like £100 or less.

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jay23490d ago

Such a dumb choice of Nintendo, what do they expect the X millions of fans to go pay £250 to play an 8-10 hours game? People don't want Wii U, consoles that are a quarter of a year old have outsold it's life time sales for god sake. IDIOTS PG and the big N are for thinking this is going to see consoles and software units, it won't.

Benjaminkno3490d ago

Get out troll!