South Park: The Stick of Truth Hands-On Preview | TheGamersPad

TheGamersPad writes "South Park has always been known to be a laugh out loud, crude, no-holds-barred TV Show and that is absolutely apparent in the game. It doesn’t hold back at all, and it’s great for not doing so. The fart jokes, the cursing and the tone all of the characters emit brings an element that not many games have ever been able to portray. This game is funny, and you’d have to have the humor of a stone to not at least giggle once."

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3-4-52178d ago

Can't wait for this game. Not sure if I should get it right away or wait for price drop. I have a bunch of games I still need to play.

DerrickCole2178d ago

I agree, there has been so many sales for the previous gen that my ps3 and Xbox 360 back log is huge. I might wait to see if there will be a next gen version.

Captain Qwark 92178d ago

i want to play it right away but my only reservation is dark souls 2 comes out next week....