3DS Deals of the Week: Shin Megami Tensei IV $29.99, Mario Golf: World Tour Preorder $29.99 and more

3DS deals and sales at eShop, Amazon, Overstock, Newegg, Walmart, Best Buy, Groupon, Cowboom and Toys R Us.

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jacobvogel2183d ago

If you combine that toys r us deal with Club Nintendo deal you can get 2 games for free.

timothyckeegan2183d ago

Does 3DS XL deal include Mario & Luigi Bundle?

andrewsimons2183d ago

Check Walmart deal, it is better.
Mario & Luigi Bundle plus Mario Paper for $179

edgarohickman2183d ago

Amazon is selling 3DS XL for around $180, Can I price match at Best Buy and still get the $25 gift card deal?

Tom872183d ago

I don't think they will, they are using MSRP for the deal.