PS4: High Customer Satisfaction Reported by Japanese Store Managers, Solid Pre-Orders for MGS5

One of the peculiar elements of the Japanese video game store scene is that store managers love to keep blogs reporting on the situation of sales, pre-orders and on the latest purchasing trends they observe. They’re also useful to us because they give a glimpse on an environment that is often difficult to properly gauge. The Media Create numbers help, but they’re cold and often show only part of the picture.

This week there are some interesting information about the first days of sale of the PS4 and pre-orders for March.

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RPG_Lover2183d ago

I don't understand, why wouldn't customers be satisfied if they bought it at launch? Wouldn't it make sense to ask them in a month?

HeWhoWalks2183d ago

In your case, one has to wonder if you'd EVER be satisfied with a PS4. ;)

OT: Not surprised. Most people who pick this thing up are absolutely in love with it (myself included)!

Charybdis2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Well if you read the article it does say that they costumers that came back to the store said “store manager, it was a good purchase!” or “can’t go back to the PS3 now.”

So it isn't about the store satisfaction but about the console if they came back to the store I am pretty sure they already spend some time on their new ps4.

The amount of pre-ordered games for March seems to be the same as for the wii-u though as said in the article this is due to the limited install base which in turn probably is due to it being sold out in the independent store, and most likely other stores.

OrangePowerz2183d ago

You never had been disapointed with something you bought shortly after you got it?

I got often disappointed after a few days when getting a new console including when I got the DC at launch with the games that had ben available in Europe at the start and in the end it was one of my favourite consoles.

RPG_Lover2183d ago

it still doesn't make too much sense to me but I guess it doesnt matter. I would rather consumers be asked in a month if they are satisfied ( same with any system)

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Ninver2183d ago

nothing but positive comments for the ps4, keep it coming.

king_george2183d ago

Ugh i want one so damn baaaaaad!!!!

cyber_daemonx2183d ago

Pretty much high customer satisfaction everywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.