PlayStation Network error E-82204301 causing problems

G4MERS: "PlayStation gamers are currently experiencing problems with the PlayStation Network today. Eerror E-82204301 causing some problems Internet connection problems."

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Axios22182d ago ShowReplies(6)
bub162182d ago

been trying to party chat all day!! no such luck. oh well one day wont hurt I suppose :(

mcstorm2182d ago

What's the party chat like on the ps4? I hated the way the ps3 chat worked but has it improved alot with the ps4?

KwietStorm2182d ago

It's not even the same thing. The chat on PS3 is just that, a chat room. Party chat works across everything, and it works well, when issues like this aren't present.

elmaton982182d ago

If you ever used party chat on the xbox360 then you have an idea of how party chat work on ps4. The party chat option allow you to speak with up to 8 people in the same chatroom regardless of the game you are playing.

mcstorm2182d ago

Cool good to here. I own a Xbox one and Wiiu at the moment but going to grab a ps4 when driverclub comes out so good to here the chat is alot better on the ps4.

mcstorm2181d ago

Lol what's with the Disagree's I asked a question. Love the way some people are on this site.

Farmassy2181d ago

Why are people disagreeing with mcstorm? He said nothing but positive comments and does not seem biased in the slightest

Ace Killa 082181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I'm going to agree mcstorm since it is a question!

Plus giving him a Helpful Bubble

mcstorm2181d ago

Farmassy & Ace Killa 08 thanks for agreeing. I just think some people are too one sided some times on here.

Maml072181d ago

1080p/60fps network errors :p

soon 4kp/120fps network errors with ultra hd

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BattleTorn2181d ago

"oh well one day wont hurt"

- said everyone 04/20/11 Ahah :P

Father__Merrin2182d ago

I've just been kicked from warframe

lol at the first post

KwietStorm2182d ago

Hurts my head how quick trolls are. Like they're literally sitting in a bush, waiting to pounce.

flyingmunky2181d ago

Me too. Twice today, although I've been binge gaming for like 10 hours today.

I tired to just call through my cell my buddy I play with, but the call quality was terrible compared with the party chat.

Zefros2182d ago

party chat don't work at all here. i t worked fine earlier but then now every time i try i get error.

slazer1012182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Just because this code does not show up on the list of code errors on the support page doesn't mean that it's something special. I have ran into a few error codes that don't show up on that list.

Anyways glad that Sony is on top of it and will be addressed by Tuesday.

Edit: spelling.

Volkama2181d ago

They aren't very elegant errors to present to Joe Public. Sure would be nice if they gave you the error AND some basic description of the problem, so you don't need to hit up google to see what's happening.

Oh no I've got E-100F8B14! Do I need to restart my router or should I be evacuating the house?

slazer1012181d ago

I agree it would be nice if they made it easier to trouble shoot the error codes. Hopefully that will get better in the future.

My point about the codes not being on the list doesn't make it special was more about the article writer. He/she framed it in a way to try and sensationize the error. That's all I ment.

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The story is too old to be commented.