Advantage PS4: Why Sony is winning the console war

Gamespot "Just in case you're someone who's inclined to read the title of this opinion piece, skim the first paragraph, and then jump straight to the comments section, this is not a doom-and-gloom message for Microsoft. The Xbox One is selling really well, the Microsoft games division isn't about to go out of business, and the launch of the Xbox One has not been a complete disaster (though it's been a small one). But the Xbox One is in second place, and that's where it's going to stay for this console cycle."

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mochachino2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I'm a PS4 owner but even I think it's too early to tell. All xone needs is a Kinect-less SKU at $350 or maybe even $380 and it would be a good race.

But also as a PS4 owner I hope Sony develops a significant lead so MS bully policies like perfect game parity doesn't force devs to hold PS4 versions back.

I think it would be a very good thing for MS to be humbled this gen, they were becoming the industry Gestapo.

JoGam2179d ago

Um to early to tell what? Both consoles will have a good year. Nobody is calling a next gen winner yet. Don't get caught up in the title.

Clarence2179d ago

I'm calling it. The PS4 will win this gen. The Playstation brand is to strong. I'm not knocking M$, but they really $h!tty on their fans with all their lies.

1st PS4
2nd xbone
3rd Wii u

Army_of_Darkness2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Yeah I agree. the PS4 will clearly dominate this gen, it's just a matter of by how much??
and judging from what we are seeing so far (software wise), it will only get better for the PS4 owners :-)

I already see the difference between this gen and last. for example, the parity bullshit isn't happening anymore cause we're seeing multiplat games on ps4 @1080p, while xbone is still @720p. So thank goodness Sony is leading once again.

vigilante_man2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Both had a great launch but MS are having an awful 2014. The sales for XB1 are real low.

PS3 is selling more by the week and the XB1 will do well to catch up with the WiiU this year at the current rate.

MS are really hoping for Titanfall to save them and are already calling in Halo for an early release. And they have just bought out Gears. Desperate times when you have to rely on Halo and Gears for XB1.

The so-called console war is for second place between the XB1 and the WiiU. Place your bets...

PONTIAC08G8GT2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Why do people feel they are entitled or owed anything from any company? MS shitty towards their fans with lies? What lies? I opened up my X1 and started playing games, just like every PS4 owner. No hidden DRM waiting for me, wasn't missing the headset that came with it. They laid out there cards early on, everyone hated it, they changed. I knew what I was buying, nothing has surprised me. I'm sure I'll get a million disagrees but oh well.

On topic, I agree PS4 will win this generation. It would take a lot from MS to make a comeback. But it's still early. PS3 struggled early on and then caught back up to the X360. Quality games will make the difference.

VENOMACR12272179d ago


Your going to get disagrees because it's the unpopular thing to say. Consoles have been out about 4 months, but I agree the PS4 is going to take the crown. X1 isn't a bad system, just not on par with the PS4. Every company is in the market to make money, Sony is no different. But since they didnt mention DRM and basically said "were about games and gamers", everyone feels PS is the good guy and MS is the bad guy.

GameSpawn2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Happy to see you are enjoying your system of choice with little bias and for the proper reason: games you enjoy. I will never argue against that.

I will point out though that Microsoft will never shake the seeds of mistrust they have planted. Microsoft really did take a big dump on their core consumer base and really consumers in general with their draconian anti-consumerist DRM model.

Yes they went back on everything, BUT they STILL attempted to implement it regardless of all the backlash they received on just the RUMOR they were going to implement it MONTHS before their E3 announcement. It didn't help matters that they still tried to force feed people into thinking this was a good thing and that consumers wanted it and then took MONTHS after E3 to finally reverse all their policies -- this just added fuel to the fire.

Some like you have forgiven, but forgiveness can be easy to give. Trust is a whole different matter. Microsoft must do a LOT more to earn the trust of consumers back. I don't know how much of their core consumer base they have lost, but judging by the one sided fist fight that is the PS4/XB1 sales I'd say quite a bit.

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TheRedButterfly2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Thank you for your levelheadedness! It's rare to find on this site. :) + Bubble for you.

OT: I agree with Mochachino - it's a bit early to have a clear-cut winner… That being said? MS will have to have a killer E3 and step up their "incentives" game… GWG needs to get on par with PS+, and a lower price-point would be great. Also more sales like we just had last week. That was awesome!

Sony can keep doing what they're doing. lol The PS4 is killing it!

zoks3102179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

The PS4 is already 3 million ahead of the XB1. I really don't see MS coming back from that far behind. It would literally take them years and a hell of a lot more than just the USA to wipe out that PS4 lead.

History shows that Sony becomes better as the gen progress, and this is just the start and they are already ahead by a good amount. The start of the gen is the weakest you will see Sony and even then they are still ahead.

What is MS going to do when ND, SSM, SP, WWS start dropping next gen bombs all over the place like they did last gen?

Sony will hit $299 at least a year before MS will, lol its not even a competition at this point PS4 is looooooong gone.

If they can't stop Sony by the end of this year, then its a wrap.

MS faces insurmountable odds.

Pogmathoin2179d ago

This is the way the industry should be.... Always pushing, keeping up..... Learning from it...... The only thing wrong is the fanboys....

Automatic792179d ago

I agree Pogmathoin.

Instead of gamers being so vocal they should support the games not just hardware or we will see a ton of developers going out of business.

adventureghost1242179d ago

To be honest I don't even think a lower price will do much of difference. And before someone chimes in saying I probably like to suck Sony off, Its true. The biggest thing that Sony has is a vast array of development teams that are producing absolutely incredible games. Like Ready At Dawn, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Japan Dev team. And so many more always working on something. And what teams do MS have right now? Black Tusk, A completely new studio who I believe they said they are trying to take on 4 projects at the same time and 343 which made the newer halo games. Oh and Rare, that is making Kinect games. Plus the sales show they have a massive lead already and we can still see how the price drop turned out for the wii u. And No I don't think microsoft will ever learn from their mistakes, probably because people keep buying their products and they will continue to nickel and dime them.

Automatic792179d ago

If MS were in 52 territories instead of 13 the numbers would be closer the only thing holding MS back is MS.

Note once the price comes down the gamers holding off will begin to purchase system.

adventureghost1242179d ago

and when I say its true I'm not talking about Sony giving me the D

adventureghost1242179d ago

@MichaelLito79 even if they were to release in every single country, the PS4 would still outsell it, its beating the Xbox in America 2-1 and in the UK like at least 3-1, but yes they are holding themselves back

Boody-Bandit2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


That is a tired argument that really needs to be put to rest once and for all. MS has flooded their top markets from the last generation where they sold the most 360's. Yet in those 13 regions you can purchase XBOX ONE's in abundance. In other words. They are in stock every where within the regions they released the XBOX ONE.

Meanwhile Sony has released in 52 regions, can't keep PS4s in stock in any of those regions, and are outselling MS in all of those regions.

That is why I say we need to put this to rest. MS has as much, if not more, stock as Sony in their top regions as Sony has yet Sony is still out selling them (at the very least) 2 to 1. In some areas the ration is much worse. So it's not that MS limited itself in the amount of territories but that the PS4 is simply in more demand in every region.

MysticStrummer2179d ago

"If MS were in 52 territories instead of 13 the numbers would be closer the only thing holding MS back is MS."

XB1's initial release was in more places than PS4's, yet PS4 won then too.

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incredibleMULK2179d ago ShowReplies(6)
Magicite2179d ago

When have Playstation lost to Xbox? Never in this reality. So why even discuss this.

mcstorm2179d ago

The PlayStation brand lost a lot of market share last gen as the ps1 and ps2 were the best selling consoles all over the world. Last gen the ps3 was out sold by the Wii and was out sold by the 360 in the USA and UK. It also started off with very slow sales too.

Then Sony lost a lot of ground in the hand held market too. The psp numbers were very good but the psv numbers have been very poor. It looks like Sony have hit the sweet spot with the ps4 and it is selling very well at the moment but that could change as we are very early into this new gen. Also the Xbox one is far from a flop as it has out sold the 360 in the same point of there lives on the market.

The biggest loser at the moment is Nintendo with the Wiiu but that said it looks like its sales are starting to pickup too.

For me I want to see all 3 do well as it keeps the great games and features comes as they try and out do each other.

showtimefolks2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


at E3

drive club updated build
The order 1886
GG's new IP
MM's new IP since its not LBP3
LBP3 done by LBP vita developer

and here is how sony can and most likely will steal the show. Or atleast they should like this

Demon's soul 2 for PS4 releasing soon
and here is the final nail in the coffin

After long wait we here at sony/PlayStation are proud to announce The last Guardian will be coming to ps4 in November 2014 and its over

Just Imagine the Momentum

Also i fully expect sony to reveal few more games at or before E3

along with strong 3rd party titles sony usually shows

Automatic792179d ago


MS at E3

Show full game play of Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Halo 5
Fable legends

They can Steal Show with

Forza Horizon
Game play for D4
Rare show off a new IP, Perfect Dark, Conker, Banjo
Undead labs New Zombie game

And Great 3rd party support.

To end show showcase

Knights of the Old Republic or Crackdown 3

showtimefolks2179d ago


no doubt man E3 could be excellent and we are forgetting about Nintendo.

Halo 5 is coming so they can or most likely will show something.

Insomniac have to reearn my respect, sunset over drive sounds great but so did their last game before theu turned that into Fuse.

Ryse 2 is too soon

Here is my wish list:

Crackdown 3 should be for MS what infamous 2nd son is for sony. But for some weird reasons MS just doesn't pay enough attention to the IP. I really hope we see a proper crackdown game done for Xbox one

Knights of the Old Republic are you talking about this as an exclusive? does MS own the IP? or have some exclusive contract?

end of the day for my money and my interest, i am betting on sony showing more. Or atleast more of what i want since every gamer gamer has their own choices.

That's one thing wrong on every gaming site, where its my opinion matters while everyone else is wrong. Everyone has a right to like or dislike something. That doesn't mean anyone is wrong

palaeomerus2179d ago

Drive Club needs to be out before E3 frankly. It was supposed to be a launch game.

MysticStrummer2179d ago

"All xone needs is a Kinect-less SKU"

Which isn't likely to happen anytime soon. Of course, I say that because of MS's own talk about Kinect being integral, which could have been PR BS...

WickedLester2179d ago

What you're saying makes sense for the North American market. But globally I don't think there's a chance in hell MS becomes the industry leader in total userbase.

Think about it for one second. In order for the 360 to have been competitive as it was, they had to launch a full year ahead of the PS3, have a huge price advantage, and enjoy the graphical benefits of having the easer to develop for hardware. In spite of all those built in advantages the PS3 still managed to claw it's way ahead of the 360 in global userbase. Now, ALL of those advantages are gone! Both launched within the same window, it is the PS4 that is the cheaper console, and it has the advantage in terms of power and ease of development. The PS4 will enjoy a comfortable lead in global userbase over Xbone.

WeedyOne2178d ago

I'm with you on that, if they made a cheaper version of the xboxone without kinect I would probably buy it!

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JoGam2179d ago

Great read. I think both Sony and MS consumers will have a great 2014. Dual console owners even better year.

Keith Olbermann2179d ago

Dual console owners spending too much money on a hobby.

GotEnder2179d ago

some people have disposable income. maybe what is to much money for some is not that much for others.

kariyanine2179d ago

I'll spend my money how I want. You spend your's how you want.

PONTIAC08G8GT2179d ago

Some people spend their money on stamp collecting, some spent it on car parts, who's to say someone is spending too much on something they enjoy? It's your money and as long as it's making you happy, who cares.

Eonjay2179d ago

So... everybody wins. Why no mention of Nintendo? And PC too while were at it :). The "war" itself is kinda pointless because it is obvious that PS4 is gonna win. Some people are fighting over regions. Xbox fans are hoping Microsoft can win the US and maybe the UK, but other than those unlikely victories, PS4 still wins... so lets move on :).

I think this war will die down after March when all the really good games come out.

JoGam2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Honestly, if you're talking console war, is Nintendo really a factor at this point? Honestly? Also PC is not a console. Its a computer so it shouldn't be included in a console war. Just saying!

At one time the console war was the big three...Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. But in 2014 things have changed. Its Sony and Microsoft until Nintendo, Valve or any other company brings competition to both Sony and MS.

Eonjay2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

honestly I'm getting bored of the console war at this point. The Sony vs Microsoft narrative takes the focus away from the games themselves. And the more time passes, the more difficult it will be for Microsoft to keep up. So the war is an unnecessary narrative. I do agree that Valve can make this more interesting.

BitbyDeath2179d ago

Nintendo is still a factor IMO
All they need is the right price and right games to come along. (Rebranding wouldn't hurt either)

Should remove the 'wii' and change 'U' to 'Ultra'
Nintendo Ultra.

Father__Merrin2179d ago

P.S.4 will win 2014

they wanted and willed PlayStation to go under but alas their plans have failed...

Monkeyonfire132179d ago

I'm totally a Sony fan first, and i'm not that old or anything. my first console being an snes. When did we gamers start this war? I don't remember anything before Microsoft entered the market.

BitbyDeath2179d ago

MS started the console wars because they don't like Sony.

"When asked why Microsoft decided to enter the console space, he asserted that, "The main reason was to stop Sony."

Hence why they undermine the gaming business at every turn, they don't care about gaming they just want Sony gone.

Oh_Yeah2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Drop the ii in the name. Make it the Nintendo Wu Tang. Get Method Man to advertise it. Put all their nes,snes,gba,n64,ds,GameCube,w ii games on the virtual console and charge 50 a year for unlimited emulator access/ free games. Add an achievement system, get rid of the stock controller for the pro controller and drop the price down to 200$, make some mature exclusives as they've got the E for everyone area pretty much covered. If they do this (joking about the Wu tang) then I think they'd have no problem keeping up with Sony and Microsoft.

MysticStrummer2179d ago

Gamers didn't start it, but neither did MS. The console wars were actually started by Mattel about 40 years ago, with their blatant attack ads against the Atari 2600. For a long time after that it was more or less a cold war, but it's heated up again during the last two or three generations.

Just like real wars are waged by governments more than citizens, the modern console wars are still waged mainly by the companies. Gamers just help perpetuate the whole mess, which, also like real wars, is just about money when you get right down to it.

TheRedButterfly2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Emphasis on "I'm not that old or anything." If you think the war(s) started solely because Microsoft entered the race, you're sadly mistaken. The first notable war was SEGA vs Nintendo I haven't been around any longer than the consoles in this video, but you're naive if you think Xbox started these wars.

Why o why2179d ago

I remember wars being fought between atari and amiga fans....even spectrum vs amstrad fans. Ms did not create this. They have been underhanded towards competition and minimalistic towards their own fans but they they cannot be blamed for fanboy wars.

Shane Kim2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

My hate for MS just grew after reading that article BitbyDeath linked.

But to talk about these wars...they were in full bloom when I was a kid and had a Nintendo. The Ninty and SEGA fanboys used to fight all the time. The olny difference back then was that there were no internet, so all the fighting was in someones backyard or something.

Kribwalker2179d ago

Sega does what nintendon't

Console wars been going long before Microsoft entered, there just wasn't forums like these for fanboys to get at each throats about it

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

i am also a sony fan and my first console for the original nintendo and yes it was microsoft fanboys who started this war. i remember last gen all i saw was "xbox is selling more" comments by these xbox fanboys. they were in every ps3 article bashing sony and laughing that the ps3 was in 3rd.

people i worked with would laugh because i was a ps3 owner, stating i made the wrong choice and to jump on over to thier side.

all i have to say is who's laughing now!!!!!...ps3 ended strong and ps4 picked up where last gen ended.

to think sony went from being in 3rd to being in 1st. they took thier time, stood to thier games and are now back where they rightfully belong.

NobleTeam3602179d ago

@Bitby, the fact that you got so many up votes for that comment tells me people don't know their history about console wars. Started well before MS even entered the video game market.

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SG1_dapunisherX2179d ago

when this gen is over, ps4 is first, second is xbox one, & the battle for third and fourth is stream and nintendo.

king_george2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Only one of the greatest companies to ever grace the planet :p

I disagreed with you by mistake sorry bud. This stupid N4G system needs a massive overhaul. Absurd that i cant take back that disagree

SG1_dapunisherX2179d ago

why the disagree lol, y'all think xbox one will not be number 2 when this gen is over? wii u will not get the causal gamer back some left to join the tablet fanboy & girl and some will join xbox when the price goes down

Sharius2179d ago

last time i checked it still in't number two yet, and like many xbone fanboy said recently :console war is marathon race"