Why Microsoft shouldn’t put the future of the Xbox One in Stephen Elop’s hands

This week, Microsoft finally decided what to do with Stephen Elop following its acquisition of Nokia, and while it wasn’t quite insane enough to hand him the entire company, it’s decided to give him control of the entire Xbox division. After Don Mattrick left in the wake of the Xbox One’s disastrous debut last year, Microsoft turned to the highly regarded Julie Larson-Green to head the program, which she did for the past six months.

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Punch-o2178d ago

Elop says he's gonna burn it down.lolj/k

iamnsuperman2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Elop brought Nokia down on purpose because he was essentially still working for Microsoft. Microsoft need a platform to push its operating system. Elop brought the company down so much that they had to do a partnership with Microsoft. It was pure evil genius. Nokia's new android phone is to pave the way for people moving onto the lumia. He did a good job for Microsoft

Snookies122178d ago

You do realize he would have come out better if he'd helped Nokia build back up, right? So there was no point in dragging it down. Either way though, he would have benefited in some way.

Regardless, this guy is going to change the Xbox division. Whether that's for the better or worse, we shall see in time.

iamnsuperman2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

He might of but I am unsure Microsoft would have (now they basically control a functioning mobile manufacturing division for €5.4bn. Not bad hey). I think he thought he was going to get the CEO job after Ballmer by doing such a move.

malokevi2178d ago

Personally, I dont care who is at the top. As long as all the people in the middle are still working hard to produce great stuff for us at the bottom.

Killzoner992178d ago

Just mistake after mistake over at Microsoft lol. At least Sony has their head on straight otherwise the gaming industry would be in turmoil right now.

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