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It has been nearly ten years since the fourth iteration into the popular survival horror franchise has hit the market, but that isn’t stopping Capcom from re-releasing the game on every platform possible. While the title has been on PC in the past, it was a poorly optimized port that didn’t utilize the platform’s true potential. The Japanese developer has gone back to the source material with the Ultimate HD Edition, adding a bevy of new additions and modern standards that should hopefully have diehard fans trekking Leon’s journey once more.

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ChaosKnight2181d ago

I can't believe Capcom is still milking this thing.

stanr2181d ago

I bet next year they will release "Resident Evil 4 10th Anniversary HD Edition" - LOL

SpiralTear2181d ago

You laugh, but someone at Capcom is probably planning that as we speak.

Mr Tretton2181d ago

I'm expecting in the future they will actually redo all the textures in the game with added modern effects. They are just slowly gonna milk this for all they can, piece by piece. Can't blame a failing company trying to survive.

Silly gameAr2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

So is it wrong that I would buy this HD update if it came to next gen consoles even after we got screwed on the PS3/360 "HD" updates of RE4? I'm sorry but imo, the game is that good. :(

Chard2181d ago

Id say this game deserves a proper HD version. They should bring it to Wii U, since the Wii version worked well with the wiimote.

Biohazard88602181d ago

Next gen console release is coming -_-

Damageinc842181d ago

I played it once on gamecube the week it came out. Beat it and never played since. Being I only play on pc anymore this was a perfect time to replay it.

toto222181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Next will be "Resident Evil 4k" the 4k edition.

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