Destination PlayStation Had “A Handful of Fun Surprises,” E3 2014 “Really Has Potential” - Insider

The retailer-only event Destination PlayStation has come and gone this year, but apparently the net was extremely tight this year, and we got very little leaked information.

Yet insider John Harker from NeoGAF, who is known not to speak much, but to talk true when he does, had a bit to share about it, and the upcoming E3, where normally what's shown to retailers only at Destination PlayStation gets disclosed to the public.

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Majin-vegeta2177d ago

The fact that everything has been so quiet on Sony's end.Makes me think we shall be blown away at E3.

MasterCornholio2177d ago

Silence before the storm.


XiSasukeUchiha2177d ago

Pretty much E3 will be the dynamite of gaming forever So yeah Kaboom Final explosion!

AD7052177d ago

fingers crossed for a new crash bandicoot and shit loads of awesome jrpgs.

btw why does almost everything nowadays comes from some neogaf insider?

Abriael2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Mostly because neogaf is an environment where if you leak something and you can't back it up with the moderators, you get banned, which gives its best insiders credibility (the worst don't stay long). Also, it's a place on which, as opposed to many sites, there's no publisher that can come around and tell them to take down a thread with a leak, because they won't.

Eonjay2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Also, developers and industry professionals like Albert Penello, and Larry Hyrb active check and partake in conversations on Neogaf's threads. Its literally the center of the gaming universe.

... and they have the best memes

Abriael2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

@Eonjay: and animated GIFs.

Albert Penello has been VERY silent on GAF lately though :D

zeuanimals2177d ago

@Abriel: He needs to talk about MS's strengths and not their weaknesses (power and multi-plat disparity), but he keeps bringing it up on GAF (whenever he does appear) and Twitter, and he defends it with few instances of parity or with Forza 5.

Before the X1 and PS4 launches, Penello also said that if MS lets the PS4 take a 30% lead in multi-plat disparity, he'll take back all of the stuff he's said about how the differences aren't that big and he'll apologize for it. He still hasn't taken it back or apologized yet. I don't expect him to because that's just bad PR, but him bringing up resolution and power was bad PR in the first place.

If you want to become a PR guy for a company, don't try to back up good claims about your platform that you can't actually back up when the time comes. Just don't say anything.

isarai2177d ago

i just want some new IPs and Sleeping Dogs 2

MisterFantastic2177d ago

Hopefully we see some Uncharted footage, Rainbow Six announcement , more of The Division footage, more MGS footage and a release date. Damn I'm glad I bought a PS4

Abriael2177d ago

I'm actually counting more on stuff we havent heard about at all. Word on the street is that Ubisoft has something really surprising to show, and there's more.

sprinterboy2177d ago

Hoping for a epic ww2 shooter set in Normandy and Brittany with a real focus on emotion, alittle like band of brothers with lush colourful green fields and war torn grey towns. A perfect mix would be heavy rain meets the best fps mechanics

Mr_cheese2176d ago


I was discussing that with someone a few weeks back on here. We need a new WW2 game that takes advantage of the next gen. It should be really dark and gritty, just like the war was. Atmosphere will play a huge part.

But then you could have the new features integrated like twitch influences where twitch users basically act as the spy for the enemy and they get chances to put your co ordinates through to have mortar fire sent your way, or a sniper lock on etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.