Why wasn't Final Fantasy VII released on the N64?

Final Fantasy had long been a fan favorite for those who owned an NES or SNES. Squaresoft had planned on releasing a Final Fantasy game on the N64 but later changed it's tune and switched to releasing their subsequent sequels on the PS1.

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SavageKuma2183d ago

Wasn't this posted already?

ovnipc2183d ago

A little late to worry about this. Maybe cause the the amount of space.

abzdine2183d ago

4CDs vs 180 cartridges. what's best for the publisher??

ChickeyCantor2183d ago

Original FF7 looked NOTHING like the end version. They actually almost went with the traditional route of their previous installments.

Angeljuice2183d ago

I have the episode of Edge where this was discussed. Basically Nintendo wanted to use a cartridge with a custom chip and a ton of ram built in and it was going to be really expensive ($150-$200), Square just went with the safer/easier option.

BLuTheSecond2183d ago

I swear this is one of the most rehashed segment of gaming history ever. Theres like an article every other week that explains why FF7 didn't release on the N64.

mochachino2183d ago

This was posted about two days ago, I commented on it but now my when I try and check my comment it leads to the pending stories page.

Very strange.

admiralvic2183d ago

"This was posted about two days ago, I commented on it but now my when I try and check my comment it leads to the pending stories page."

That typically means the article was deleted. Can't tell you why it was deleted, but thats what that indicates.

Godmars2902183d ago

The CG scene would have been too expensive. Would have required too much RAM.

woodchipper892183d ago

It needed more space on the cartridges... Like a lot more space.

GotEnder2183d ago

thats what i was thinking. wasnt the game 3 or 4 discs on ps1. how much memory do cartridges hold compared to dvd discs? would it need multiple cartridges? if so then cost would have been a huge factor.

woodchipper892183d ago

It is all explained in the article.

Godmars2902183d ago

Which is why I hate articles like this. One that suggest that putting FF7 as it is known now was a viable first-run option.

FamilyGuy2183d ago

What's the point of this when we allll already knew the answer?

Cds = cheaper to produce than cartridges
Cds = more disc space than cartridges

kratoz12092183d ago

FF7 was my first and Favourite video game experience ever :D
i remember staying up all night playing this game :D

Chrono2183d ago

Nintendo was problematic and Square didn't like it, so they prefered Sony. Besides, how could they fit a 1.3 GB game into 4~64 MB cartridge?

tehpees32183d ago

Garbage. Sales are always the factor. Playstation expanded the market far more than anyone imagined. Anyone who thinks cartridges played a factor in anything may as well believe the world is flat.

Money. That is it.

Vegamyster2183d ago

What kind of repercussions would they have to do to fit the game on much smaller and more expensive cartridges?

Noszombie2183d ago

Would not having to put the game on more cartridges have cost them more money anyway. So it does fit into the "Money. That is it." Statement?

Tidybrutes2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

@tehpees3 You can tell you wasnt around or buying your own games in the 8bit and 16bit eras.

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The story is too old to be commented.