Shadowrun: Dragonfall Review | Hardcore Gamer

In many ways, Dragonfall is a more complete and sophisticated version of last year’s Shadowrun Returns.

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ChaosKnight2189d ago

It's so refreshing that Shadowrun is finally in the hands of competent developers.

kevinsheeks2189d ago

did you finish it yet >.> i did i feel like some choices i made will hunt my character lol especially apex

nope1112189d ago

I would like to see this on consoles, or Vita.

Ripco_Keller2189d ago

Unfortunately Microsoft still has the rights to any console Shadowrun games, last I heard.

ImmortalLegend2189d ago

I loved Shadowrun on the 360. Believe it or not, it was in my top 5 favorite games of last generation. Game was stupid underrated! So fun and unique!

3-4-52189d ago

It played like no other game on the 360, so it will always have some value. Well it did, until no more online.

Yui_Suzumiya2189d ago

Yeah I'd love this on Vita