Five Underrated Multiplayer Game Types, That Need to Be in More Games

Unigamesity writes: Sometimes those experiences come in the form of an innovative multiplayer mode built from the ground up to be unique (like Assassin’s Creed), but other times they come in the form of a game that features an otherwise fairly standard multiplayer experience, that just featured one or two game type variants that provided something beyond the usual capture the flag or control point options. Those are the games we’ve come here to celebrate.

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WeAreLegion2187d ago

Careful. That site is riddled with ads and spam.

Pillsbury12187d ago

Perfect dark was an awesome multiplayer experience.

isarai2187d ago

More game should have the "Instant Action" mode from FEAR 1, would be perfect for something like Max Payne, maybe with some randomly generated maps or something

captainexplosion2187d ago

Overrun from Gears Judgement