23 Year Old Genius invents a way to play N64 over HDMI – To go on sale Q1 2014

A 23 Year Old Genius has invented an FPGA Ciruit Board ( A converter chip) that allows the N64 to run over HDMI. This will go on sale very soon. The N64 is still alive and kicking.

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codelyoko2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Time to dust off that N64 and Ocarina of Time.

xYLeinen2189d ago

A classic to be sure, and one of my favorite games of all time..

codelyoko2189d ago

All that time i spent running after chickens and milk lol.... good memories. I might actually buy this thing, but i have a giant CRT which works just fine. :P

PoSTedUP2189d ago

dust? mine never gets dusty i still play it!! hah.

Goldeneye & 1080 snowboarding in 1080p, SOLD.

Dasteru2189d ago

It is just a converter, not an upscaler or filter, so it will not be 1080p. At best it will bring the PQ of LCDs to the level of a CRT.

blackbeld2189d ago


It's to good to be true. You guys buy it first and let me know if it's worth. I will buy after you. :)

Tempest3172189d ago

This wont increase anything to 1080p...all games will still run at whatever res they were developed for. All this will do is drastically increase the picture quality over Vga/svideo, not to mention it will allow you to connect to modern day lcd tvs/monitors. Everything will still run at 480i (or w/e the res is)

badz1492189d ago

Seriously, aside from the ability to actually use the N64 itself, what is the benefit of this? I already have been playing N64 games over HDMI for years. It's called the emulators on PC!

doolin_dalton2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Someone did this with a Sega Genesis too:

EDIT - oops, didn't see the post below about the same thing

Kidmyst2188d ago

Sadly I'd rather have this than the WiiU.

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3-4-52189d ago

Still have my N64 and a Non-flat screen non-HD to play it on, but this is really awesome.

This is what happens when people are allowed to have freedom to create.

FanboyKilla2189d ago

That dude is f***ing awesome.

JsonHenry2188d ago

Run it on your PC with am emulator at a higher rez. That way you don't have to spend a dime and you can save/resume whenever you want even if the game never intended you to be able to do so.

andrewsqual2188d ago

Shame its a but useless to every single EU owner though where the games all outputted at awful 50hz and with added borders on every single one.

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ForgottenProphecy2189d ago

Didn't ReviewTechUSA do this with a Sega Genesis?

Yodagamer2189d ago

Yeah, he plans on doing it with a snes soon as well.

Retroman2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

that is KRAZY cool now to play CONTRA SNES r-type,gradius now.

oh' by the way this kid will get millions!!!!

k3rn3ll2189d ago

Yea it looks pretty good too. Plus they are actually sodering the converters onto the board of the console itself. That way there isn't anything hanging on the console on the outide and it can run on the power supply of the genesis itself

ForgottenProphecy2189d ago

That's really dope. I wonder if the same can be done with any older console that doesn't support HDMI such as PS1 or even PS2. I would assume so.

k3rn3ll2188d ago

Where there's a will there's a way when it comes to most tech

generalthadeape2189d ago

Yeah, I know that Rich from ReviewTechUSA was working on converting old systems to HDMI.

Although I doubt he has a patent on the process, I'm sure he's gong to be more than a little pissed hearing this news.

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Baccra172189d ago

It's great cause you can play split screen golden eye and perfect dark but, resolution wise, can't you get better results emulating with your computer?

TheOrder18862189d ago

You don´t get it. People want to play on the original console.

Summons752189d ago

Yupp, much better feel than an emulator and you don't have to resort to theft to play. Tons of small shops have new and olddr games for sale and for decent prices too. Unlike GameStop who only sells the newest stuff and ignores the want for the old

GordonKnight2189d ago

Yes, but the other part of the fun is playing on tube tv. I've had my N64 on my HD tv and it looked really bad. So, I put back on my tube tv.

How big of difference will it make?

sinspirit2189d ago


You don't get it. He isn't saying what people want to play on. He is asking about the resolution, since this article is about HDMI.

Which, yes the resolution would be substantially better on an emulator.

Geobros2189d ago

wow!!!!!!!!!! I have to buy that...

maniacmayhem2189d ago

Mario Kart 64 and Perfect Dark here I come

coolbeans2189d ago

I was thinking Diddy Kong Racing and Goldeneye 007. :P

maniacmayhem2189d ago

I love Golden Eye but I preferred Perfect Dark because it had better weapons and maps. Plus the original had all the maps and weapons from Golden Eye.

Diddy Kong Racing is another game that was awesome and yea would love to play that too.

I wish Mario Kart would take tracks from that game and put them in the Retro Races.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2189d ago

That because it came after Goldeneye 007. Rare then had enough experiences with FPS to improve.

coolbeans2189d ago


"I love Golden Eye but I preferred Perfect Dark because it had better weapons and maps. Plus the original had all the maps and weapons from Golden Eye."

After finally getting a chance to play Perfect Dark on XBLA, I can't blame 'ya there. Just a flat-out cool selection of modes, guns, and maps there. Quite an ambitious game for its time.

UnholyLight2189d ago

Don't forget Smash Bros and your list is PERFECTION!!!