Why You Should Have a LAN Party, and 6 Tips to Make It More Awesome

Aaron from Leviathyn held another successful LAN party last weekend, and he wants to help you make yours as awesome as possible while saving you some time and aggravation.

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ElementX2182d ago

Back in high school we called them Nerd Fests

WeAreLegion2182d ago

Freakin' love LAN parties.

Revvin2182d ago

Biggest tip I have for a LAN party is get everyone to agree on a core bunch of games you all play and some alternatives to keep it fresh BUT make sure everyone is patched up before they arrive. I've spent a few LAN parties helping those who turn up unprepared who fire up their systems with games requiring large patches (we often just set up a shared drive with all the latest patches and add-ones available) or have large Windows updates they have ignored for months that require restarting and then restarting again and again etc or they just don't have the games installed at all! It wasted their time and those at the LAN who then help them out. One guy turned up once with a completely broken OS which resulted in a format.