Is Batman: Hush Rocksteady’s Next Batman?

The pieces are all coming together. Just a few days ago, rumors started swirling that Rocksteady was planning to announce their next Batman game after a GameStop employee allegedly received marketing materials for an unknown Batman game. That is just a small piece of evidence, with nothing being confirmed and most of it being speculation. Yet, the Batman: Hush facebook page may have just given us one of the biggest clues we need to confirm what’s happening with a simple teaser regarding the fate of Hush in Arkham City.

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maniacmayhem2177d ago

Hush was a great Batman storyline that brought together a lot of Batman's villains. I hope they try and stick with the story line of the Hush saga. Especially when the true mastermind behind Hush was truly revealed.

NukaCola2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Man I really want to see Rocksteady do a new superhero. Personally I think Spawn would be the game to finally do the dude some true justice plus it would be insanely awesome.


Spawn is awesome and never got a fair shake outside the comics and HBO cartoon. The movie was pretty cool but all his games sucked which is sad because he could be the best gaming character. Oh well. Maybe one day.

maniacmayhem2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Spawn!? I can see it because of Spawn's backstory, but would anyone that hasn't experienced the awesomeness of the early 90's Image even know Spawn?

I would love Rocksteady to do a Wonder Woman fighting the New Gods.

But I would prefer a Superman game. Superman is in need of some serious video game justice. This guy just had a major movie and nothing released as a video game?

SniperControl2177d ago

Lol, spawn is the only movie I have ever walked out on, truly awful.

Comics are awesome though.

jb2272176d ago

I'd like to see the Hush storyline integrated w/ the Court of Owls storyline maybe even w/ hints of Morrison's Black Glove storyline, it would all mesh together too well. Hush would meet Lincoln March early on, both being recruited by a combination of the Black Glove group & the Court of Owls, use those guys as the main villains, Lincoln as a Talon would make an amazing final battle, a better version of the Deadshot battle from Origins where Batman is fighting his better though w/ a similar style. Use all new villains like Professor Pyg & Flamingo, add in some Scarecrow & Two-Face for good measure, that would be a perfect Batman game w/ actual new elements we've never seen in any other medium before.

XiSasukeUchiha2177d ago

Hush saga was pretty cool, hopefully we are getting this!

WeAreLegion2177d ago

Hush is great, but I want to see a Batman Beyond!

-Foxtrot2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Love the story arc, just not sure about the title though....unless that's just for the Facebook page referencing the comic arc title.

Batman: Hush

It's just two names separated by a Colon mark

CyrusLemont2177d ago

It's just for the Facebook page probably, Hush mixed with Cataclysm-No Man's Land and Court of Owls could be very, very interesting! There's probably better comics that others know that I don't which might fit better. However, I don't think the game will be a direct copy of any comic though, it'll probably have some influence like No Man's Land had on Arkham City.

Don't forget, in Hush Batman had no idea about Thomas Elliot. This time however, he's imitating Bruce Wayne so I couldn't possibly imagine it going down anything like the Hush arc aha.

Rocksteady is 99% certainly developing this which means we should expect to get blown away. God I'm so excited for this, it'll have been in development for almost 4 years if it comes out October. It's going to be big! Too many sleepless nights waiting for an announcement on my Google feed lol. Also, apparently it's next gen only. Next. Gen. Only. F**k yeah.

Maninja2177d ago

Oh my god, imagine a court of owls game developed by rocksteady....

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The story is too old to be commented.