Basement Crawl is the Lowest Rated Game on the PlayStation 4

Junkie Monkeys: It was bound to happen eventually, but I honestly didn’t think Basement Crawl would turn out being the most panned game on the PS4.

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svoulis2182d ago

and it should be...its horrible..biggest mistake I made.

JoGam2182d ago

Damn Really? I was going to get it. I also noticed it had a three star rating on the PSN store. Whats wrong with the game?

svoulis2182d ago

Clunky controls, it feels like a slower bomberman, horrible U.I (looks like it was made in paint). The game doesn't explain anything to you...really it doesn't. This game feels like it was pushed out too soon, I bought it with the intentions to play a game similar to bomberman, instead I get a laggy unfinished game, with 2 game modes (team deathmatch and deathmatch).

Hope that explains enough to keep you away from it...for now anyway.

JoGam2182d ago

Thanks svoulis. Say no more. Point taken.

AliTheSnake12182d ago

Well hopefully, they patch it up soon. I was excited to get this, as it looked like a fun couch coop, new twist to bomberman . And we haven't had a bomberman style game since ever.

mochachino2182d ago

Anything that doesn't have a 4-5 star on PSN store is probably crap. Almost everything is highly rated for some reason. Most things are bordering on 5 stars.

JoGam2182d ago

@ mochachino, honestly there are some great games that have three stars in my opinion. What I do is look at the rating and also look at how many people voted. Basement Crawl has over 2000 votes with an average of three stars. Thats crazy.

Prime1572182d ago

I remember watching a gameplay trailer on YouTube and thinking it looked slow. Also, a lot of the player characters were making directional mistakes so the controls looked worrisome.

On top of that, I saw nothing that set it apart from bomberman, especially since the people playing weren't going for power-ups.

I'm sad to see a game tank like this if it's true.

Akuma072182d ago

And this was made by the same guy who said that The Order was maxing out the PS4.... LOL

ThanatosDMC2182d ago

Watch the streams and you'll see how bad it is and how funny people are complaining about it.

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Destrania2182d ago

Yeah it was a waste of $10

chazjamie2182d ago

oh I thought it was shadowfall

HaveAsandwich2181d ago

i almost bought this the other night, when i was like 9 beers deep. glad i didnt.

admiralvic2182d ago

Thats a shame, but I'm not surprised based off the gameplay / screenshots I saw. On a high note, at least this prevents the game from going free with Plus!

For those of you that don't know, Sony "upholds" a 70+ metacritic score for Plus (at least in Europe). Sometimes a slightly lower game squeaks by (Malicious only had a 67), but they're rarely in that range or way below.

Treezy5042182d ago

Wow I did not know that, and it explains why most Plus games are all pretty great. That's an honorable system. Thanks Sony!

admiralvic2182d ago

Yup. I'm surprised they don't market that very often, since I typically only see it as a disclaimer on video ads or buried on the PlayStation Plus page.

"PS4, PS3 and PS Vita
One Membership, Three Devices
Access top-rated games*, cloud storage and exclusive discounts on your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems, too. It's all included in one membership.

*Top-rated is based on a Metacritic rating of 70+."

jayswolo2182d ago

it's also the reason why we're seeing very recent games on Plus. Besides the shortage of 70+ games, lol.

MasterCornholio2182d ago

wow i didnt know that. No wonder the games are so good.


P.S I live in Europe.

porkChop2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Maybe for PS3, but Sony doesn't uphold any quality standard for Plus games when it comes to the Vita.

And for PS4 they've already shown they don't have a problem going below that "70+" standard, so don't be so sure that Basement Crawl won't end up on Plus. I really hope it won't though.

WeAreLegion2182d ago

Those are all great games.

admiralvic2182d ago

1) Chronovolt and Contrast were free on release, so the games were decided long before anyone reviewed them. With that being said, I am okay with Sony violating the "rule" if I get the game on release, which I am sure many would agree with.
2) I've only seen Europe state the rule (something I noted in my first post), so bringing up US games is irrelevant. That makes Modnation Racers the only remaining game that was free in Europe and even then we're talking a 62, not a 31 (half the score). With that being said, I also stated that they sometimes violate it, though we also don't know what Sony was/is planning.

This could relate to a deal falling through or some sort of problem that lead to a change. We already know that Contast replaced Drive Club (due to the delay) and we saw God Eater Burst replace Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion in the US and previously rumored games release differently than rumored (could have been a lucky guess, but I doubt that given the niche nature of some of the games).

We also know Sony also makes deals well in advance (this probably doesn't help my case), like how we knew Secret Ponchos would be a plus game back in November and even 3 - 4 months later we don't even know when it will release.

Skate-AK2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

US gets Modnation Racers:Road Trip this month and it is sitting at a low 63.

Edit: Made my comment before I seen the others.

admiralvic2182d ago

You know, posts like yoursdrive me insane. Seriously, how many disclaimers do I need to put in my post?

"upholds" was in quotations, because they usually do, but not always.
I directly stated that the rule applies to Europe, so it really doesn't matter what the US, Japan, or Asia does.
I noted that sometimes they allow a slightly lower game to get by, but I quickly noted it was rare and never that low. In this case, Modnation Racers is a 62, which isn't a huge difference considering 10% of the reviews were in the 4/10 range and 24/51 (lets split the diff and say 1/2) of the reviews were 70 or higher. Most of the remaining ones were 6/10's, so those few really low scores (3 reviews were 3/10) simply tanked the average.

Knushwood Butt2182d ago

Malicious doesn't deserve 67.

Skate-AK2182d ago

Calm down man. I said it was a mistake. It's not that serious.

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elninels2182d ago

It'll be interesting to see what behemoth puts out on the xone.

matrixman922182d ago

that teaser trailer had so much promise...

we didnt ask for this..

OmegaShen2182d ago

Gameplay made me think Bomberman, just without the man.

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