Quick, Zavvi Offers An Extra Free Game With Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

GG3 picks up some pretty savory game deal news with the latest zavvi sale. Within all the other titles on offer, there's a selected amount of Xbox One Titanfall bundles being offered, which come with an additionally free game from the more notable releases on Xbox One. Act fast, because they'll likely deplete quickly.

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No_Limit3309d ago

First, in before the list of "Early adopters are getting screw by MS and demanding a refund" posts and other articles to pop up.

aceitman3309d ago

what is going on , is it that there still not moving x1 units like they want to , or the games left in stock that aren't moving , or just screwing early adapter's even more. ms should compensate early buyers with a free game , its just not right , I don't care what platform its for .

iamnsuperman3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Pretty simple. Most games tend not to move after a few months on the market. So Zavvi is playing it smart and throwing them in because they aren't going sell loads of them in large numbers. They instantly become a better deal than Amazon.... and their not exactly loosing out (by getting rid of stock that won't real move in significant ways)

mcstorm3309d ago

iamnsuperman is right. Shops do this with all sorts of stuff like phone shops with phone and tablet deals or free speakers and hands free kits etc. It is a good time to get a Xbox one though with the deals flying around for people who want one.

iamnsuperman3309d ago

I get competition and all but this is getting ridiculous. Good for us though

loulou3309d ago

why is it getting ridiculous?

iamnsuperman3309d ago

Because that is two free games for an insanely good price on a new system. Its ridiculous and amazing at the same time

Lawboy23309d ago

No matter how u spin it...that's a. Good deal...

cyber_daemonx3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Is this not a sure indication that no-one wants xbone? Price drops, layaways, free games and free Titanfall the BIG SYSTEM SELLER lol, and xbone is still piled up in stores...

Xbone being outsold by PS4, even though it's still as rare as hen's teeth.

Looks like Titanfall can't shift units even when they give it away lol.

aceitman3309d ago

and the free titan falls will be counted as sold copies , so the question when it comes out is exactly how many copies will titanfall sell by its self. hoping to see the numbers.

Kribwalker3309d ago

Considering it's the number 1 on sales charts all over the place, I'd say the game sells a tonne. And u can check most amazons bestbuys ect, top preorder

aceitman3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

#7 us #3 in france number 1 is metalgear for ps4 , and infamous ps4 bundle is at number 6 while x1 titanfall bundle is at 85 uk titanfall bundle at 29 while ps4 alone is at 14 with none in Germany x1 is in 92 with ps4 in 42 and titan x1 bundle isn't listed in the top 100 at all . a week away it shoud be at number one but its not. now remember the stores are sold out of ps4 ,so something instock will of course take better places than something that is not in stock , and that's what has me wondering how are the sales for x1 and titanfall . in do time we will see.

lreyna3309d ago

Quickly, before Zavvi sues.

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