Takuchat - Games of Ultimate Awesome: Legend of Dragoon

We're reviewing our favourite games we've ever played at Takuchat, my contribution was The Legend of Dragoon for PS1.

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Majin-vegeta2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Hands down the best RPG i have ever played yes even better than FF7.

Awhile back Mark Cerny mentioned he would like the the series to be revived.Here's hoping it does.


But where could they take the story after seeing who was really the Black Monster??

@Phantom So totally forgot about that.

Although i hope it doesnt have another scene like "SPOILER"Lavitz Death :(.

phantomlink2060d ago

I would love a prequel, there is so much talked about ingame about the Dragon Campaign from 11000 years ago. I'd love to play as the original Dragoons even if the ending is spoiled by the end of the original game.

DarkBlood2060d ago

Well I think zeigs sort of dying counts :p in the flashback that is

NeXXXuS2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )


I don't think Zieg ever died. He was petrified for 11,000 years by Melbu Frahma and then came back. And Rose slayed the Moon Child over that span of time so that Frahma couldn't be reborn as a new god. The moon child is supposed to bring hope and a new age, but Rose knew that the power would be abused so she had to kill the Moon Children. That's why she is known as the black monster.

edit: and i say "sort of dying."
made me lol a bit :P

fenome2060d ago


Plus Shuhei Yoshida was an Executive Producer for Legend of Dragoon. I loved this game and would love an HD remake, a reboot, a sequel or whatever, I'd take anything new about this game I could get my hands on. One of my all-time favorite games.

maximus19852060d ago

hey everyone say your favorite move from the game, ill go first

blazing DYNAMO!!

phantomlink2060d ago

I used Volcano 95% of the time with Dart, good old VOLCANO

e-p-ayeaH2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Gust of Wind Dance!

phantomlink2060d ago

Ugh, Gust of Wind Dance... I've only done it twice in the past 14 years without using the auto addition item

fenome2060d ago

That one was such a pain in the ass! lol

It was worth it for that last couple hits because they actually did big damage, but I usually messed after the first three and barely took anything off. Way too much risk, way too little reward. I kept that one equipped though, I'm a glutton for punishment. lol

HammadTheBeast2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )


And Rose's something Whip.

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no_more_heroes2060d ago

Ah, yes. The game that originally made me like turn-based RPGs (before Lost Odyssey reminded me).

A remake would be EPIC...

KingKelloggTheWH2060d ago

I really hope Sony makes a remake or something, it would be nice to see these old franchises get revisited

rhap2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Overrated. I remember passing this game after the uninteresting start it has, specially when I had just finished Suikoden 2 and Legend of Mana and wouldn't bother playing some random JRPG that didn't catch my attention.

I believe americans say it's the best JRPG out there because of timing and rumors becoming true. It's like Captain Harlock being the best anime in the universe for french people when the majority outside of Europe never heard about it.

Ready for disagrees, but it's the truth.

e-p-ayeaH2060d ago

TLoD is the kinda game that gets better as you go along by the end of the first disc you cant stop playing it.

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