Wii U Deals of the week: Rayman Legends/Batman Arkham Origins/Sonic Lost World $29.99 each and more

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dannygamer2180d ago

Rayman Legends for $30, probably worth the money.

lebr0n2180d ago

Any chance Rayman Legends would come down in price in the near future?

timothyckeegan2180d ago

I bought it for $20 during Black Friday, but still $30 is a great deal.

ABizzel12179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Yeah me too.

WiiUsauce2180d ago

I wouldn't buy it if you're a Nintendo gamer. Ubisoft delayed an already complete game for Wii U just so it could get released on all platforms at the same time, yet they delayed only the Wii U version of Watch Dogs while the rest of the console versions come out on time.

weekev152179d ago

Sure dont give 3rd party support on WiiU. What they need is for games to sell worse on the system. Smh

ABizzel12179d ago


And you're exactly why Nintendo consoles will not get any kind of 3rd party support.

Metallox2179d ago

Ubisoft games usually have drop prices very quick. By the end of this year you could see this game around 15 and 20 dollars.

ZeekQuattro2179d ago

Just wait it will be even cheaper soon I'm sure. Sellers usually drop lower than what Amazon is asking.

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jacobvogel2180d ago

Batman Arkham Origins or Assasins Creed Black Flag?

Metallox2179d ago

Picked up 007 Legends and ZombiU.

Myst2179d ago

ZombiU is fun, but if you get lost :/

Myst2179d ago

I still need to get/play Sonic Lost world. The demo was fun I just need to stop being lazy and sidetracked by other games.