Make Peace Not Console War -TheKohlrabi

There are those in the industry who wish to bring back the "glory" days of console wars.

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DVAcme2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Competition breeds innovation. Third-party developers compete amongst themselves and first-party developers compete against the other console, and this is a system that works. Console developers should not be at each other's throats, but they can't play lovey-dovey either.

I still fail to see how console wars are a bad thing. Generation after generation, the top consoles compete against each other and we get loads of great titles. SNES vs. Genesis, PS1 vs. Saturn/Dreamcast, PS2 vs. XBox, PS3 vs. X360 and now PS4 vs XB1. Great games came and will come out of those rivalries, and we the players are the true winners. Choosing a side is a matter of taste, but admitting that the competition has fueled the creation of great games is something we can all agree on.

Edit: Oh, and I didn't mention PC cause PC will ALWAYS be around. Stop hatin'.

USA0072182d ago

I agree, competition makes the market move forward. We need it, even though the internet can take it a bit far.

CharlesSwann2182d ago

Xbox is on the way out. Casualty of the console war/ greed/ incompetence/themselves. Burn baby burn.

Geekman2182d ago

PS4 does what Nintendon't. (Aside from excellent games.)