Dust: An Elysian Tale Surpasses One Million Units Sold

The creative mind behind Dust: An Elysian Tale, Dean Dodrill, recently announced the game has passed the million mark in units sold.

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Snookies123789d ago

Awesome, very fun game. Went out of my way to get 100% on it. (Above 100 in this game's case lol.)

Moncole3788d ago

I also got 100% except on those annoying challenge rooms.

green3789d ago

Well deserved. A truly amazing game.

Debaitable3789d ago

Great game. I havent finished it but I've restarted thrice to change difficulty. I suggest to play it on hardcore for a good challenege as tough & normal it's easy to plow through the game.

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The 12 Best Indie Games From The Eighth Generation Of Gaming

It's right that we recognize the 12 best indie games of the eight generation of gaming. It would be remiss to ignore the impact they've had.

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NecrumOddBoy1372d ago

Hollow Knight was a masterpiece. I cared less for the arena combat (Gods, not in the in-game arena) but everything was tight and the exploration was extremely enjoyable. Absolute masters of their craft in level design. I hope Silk Song gives the bees a second chance since their area was only a short subsection.

1371d ago

5 indie games you need to play right now

Mick Doherty has put together a list of indie games that, in his humble opinion, you need to play at least once in your life.

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NecrumOddBoy1845d ago

I highly recommend my favorite Switch indie... Golf Story

abovetheclouds1845d ago

Eh, its a decent low budget game. Not bad if you're broke and need something to play.

1845d ago

15 Amazing Video Games Made by a Single Developer

These are games made by a single developer. Serving as proof that you don't need millions of dollars and a team of people to make a amazing game.

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1971d ago