New Info on Titanfall’s Weapons, Progression and More Emerge; No Rumble for Xbox One’s Triggers

Titanfall is approaching its release fast, and Respawn Entertainment is shedding light on several aspects of the game , giving us a better idea of what we can expect on March 11th.

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Naga2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

That's kind of bummer on the rumble trigger omission. I think they could have done some cool things with it. For instance, if they had turned it off while driving a titan but turned it on while dismounted and firing a weapon as a pilot, that might have been pretty neat.

MysticStrummer2181d ago

On the bright side, that kind of thing could be easily patched in and I bet it will be eventually.

GearSkiN2181d ago

Yea id love for them to patch it

nukeitall2181d ago

Yeah, it is unfortunate that not more devs are using the trigger rumbles and Kinect. I hope MS picks up the mantle and pushes it so it becomes a standard that is well integrated into games.

The feedback from the trigger rumbles in Forza 5 was fantastic. I cannot wait to feel the difference of firing different guns. Firing the Gears gnasher, sawed off or even the mortar will be awesome!

So I hope Respawn patches it in.

Giul_Xainx2180d ago

No rumble? What do you mean no rumble? Did the New Xbox suddenly release a "Sixaxis" update that renders the rumble useless? No? Then what happen? NO RUMBLE? OH LORDY NO RUMBLE!?

How am I supposed to be immersed in the gameplay with NO RUMBLE? What happen to rumble? Why it no rumble with Titan mech walk? If it doesn't rumble when titan mech walk then no buy.

(Seriously this argument against the PS3 is suddenly acceptable for Titanfall..)

n4rc2181d ago

Ya I agree.. Would have thought a game like titanfall would have been one of the games to showcase the feature..

But ya.. Patch it in later.. But I agree with the "don't include things for the sake of adding them" mentality.. Maybe they just didn't see it as necessary..

mhunterjr2181d ago

I was going to make the exact same comment. I'm almost mystified that they didn't incorporate the triggers in this way. It would have gone a long way towards creating a sense of scale and in someways would have made up for the lack of recoil on most weapons.

Baccra172180d ago

This is EA we're talking about here- the people that thought it would be cheaper to have a crappy inventory system in Mass Effect rather than pay a guy 3 hrs worth of work to fix it. The same EA that later thought it would be even cheaper to just forgo inventory management in ME 2 since no one liked what they did in ME 1. You aren't going to see rumble triggers because it's cheaper to not have it then it is to have it.

mhunterjr2180d ago

I don't think EA has much to do with these type of decisions. It's not like they micromanage game development, they just make sure developers make deadlines.

Several EA games have incorporate platform unique features. For example , battlefield, need for speed, and all of their sports games support kinect. Sounds like Respawn just decided not to bother with rumble triggers.

NeoTribe2180d ago

The trigger rumble is a gimmick and screws up your shots. Thats why they wont use it.

Naga2180d ago

That's just nonsense. Trigger rumble won't mess up your shots any more than typical controller rumble, as it is your trigger finger - not your aiming finger - which is receiving the rumble feedback.

2180d ago
shorty74a2180d ago

@Giul_Xainx Let me educate you since you dont have an Xbox One. Titanfll does have rumble. The XBone controller not only rumbles in the Palms, but is capable of rumbling in the Triggers. The trigger rumbling is what the article is about.

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GearSkiN2181d ago

I wanted to have it too

XiSasukeUchiha2181d ago

I wanted rumble in my game bro!

3 p I c2181d ago

Or if your in the Titan and your walking around.. Every time you took a step and the left foot hit the ground the left trigger would vibrate and same with the right.. Oh the possibilities that was missed to incorporate this feature!


Yeah they dropped the ball on this one. I was really looking forward to them using the triggers in this game. I wonder if it is really that hard to implement?

Ghost_Nappa2181d ago

Good, rumble kills batteries.

iistuii2181d ago

The first thing that happens when your batteries are running out is the rumble stops, I dunno if rumble makes them run out quicker, but I'd say it would. I thought I'd turned something off in Forza by mistake until I googled it. Also my PS4 controller would last longer if the lights could be turned off.

daedra2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Well duh but up until the point it turns off its already used the juice

My ones controller eats juice like crazy lol

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The story is too old to be commented.