Ubisoft's The Crew Priced at an Outrageous 100€ for PS4 and Xbox One by European GameStop Branches

There still isn't a firm release date for Ubisoft’s upcoming open world racing game The Crew, but a few GameStop branches in Europe definitely seem to have a weird pricing for it.

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Doritos_Pope2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

The Doritos Pope wishes to know by holy decree, by the power invested in him by the great Doradito in the sky, by the sweet taste of the broken holy Dorito and Blessed Dew of mass WTF is up with that pricing???

Team_Litt2180d ago

Yeah but he loses it by being so long winded. I end up just cringing.

FlunkinMonkey2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I would rather read his comments than your second account waffle.

Who are you to try and shut him down like that? At least he's writing something original.

Move forth, Divine Dorito.

malokevi2179d ago

Look at all these guys defend him. Then make a hilarious (or not) joke about Taco Bell, and watch them all jump down your throat.

Ahhhhh, N4G, I beseech thee!

FlunkinMonkey2179d ago

Aww looks like you need a waahhmbulance there, Malokevi.

When are you going to stop moaning like a little girls blouse about which way this website sways due to console popularity, and just show yourself the digital door?

malokevi2179d ago

Just callin it like I see it, sweetheart ;)

don't like it? lump it!

FlunkinMonkey2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

"don't like it? lump it!'

O dear, the irony.. after all of your yapping on here. bahaha.

I think you need to use some of this Dalai Lama like wisdom on yourself there, petal.

yewles12179d ago

"Look at all these guys defend him. Then make a hilarious (or not) joke about Taco Bell, and watch them all jump down your throat."


PLEASE!!! BY ALL MEANS!!! MAKE a Taco Bell joke...

ObiWanaTokie2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

omg flunkin monkey your comment made me chubby, in a non homophobic way of course but seriously just enjoy the site and forum bash in forum bashing sites.

seriously though flunkin monkey that made me spill my chocolate milk, and i dont spill my milk for no one

im not black either i just had some milk mixed with nesquick at the time

thereapersson2179d ago

I read to the end of this godforsaken comment string, got a few laughs out of the ordeal, but overall am disappoint in you all.

Major lols from you starting a crapstorm, Pope.

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MasterCornholio2180d ago

Why don't you ask your boy friend McHale about that?



AgentSmithPS42180d ago

Publicity stunt or a sign of the end of days.

This game could be great, but I'd recommend buying a wheel for the PS4 (if they sell them, and get a warranty on it). I had a wheel for my PC and midnight club 2 and it made it even more fun.
Depending on the VR release date/price I'd get VR first though.

Angeljuice2179d ago

So you recommend paying ~$200 on a wheel plus ~$500+ on VR gear to play this game?

XiSasukeUchiha2180d ago

Wow that crazy man really 100 pounds now this is some BS

Abriael2180d ago

100 euros are actually 82 pounds. Still crazy.

jcnba282179d ago

It's "euro" not "euros". Whether it's 1 or more euro it's still just "euro".

Raf1k12179d ago

Maybe so but I've never heard anyone in the UK actually say they have multiple "Euro". It's always "Euros".

iDadio2179d ago

I scoff when having to lay down £55 for a game let alone more

fattyuk2179d ago

^^^ £55 for a game?

Don't think so some how.

silvacrest2179d ago

£55? where are you buying your games?

Raf1k12179d ago

£55 is the RRP on PS4 games. Not sure why though considering Xbox One games are still £45 like the 360 and PS3 games.

Some places do sell at full price though I stay away from them and buy wherever I can get it cheapest.

iDadio2178d ago

Was about to make that point Raf1k1, 55 is the srrp but lords no do I pay that much, shopto gets my sterling.

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Ko_Uraki2180d ago

Can not believe it is true. People simply will not buy it.

Ninjamonkey822180d ago

There's a sucker born every day. Bobby Kotick could tell you all about them.

Meltic2179d ago

Here i live in europé in sweden infamous second son is on the price tag of 79$ when its releases on GAME. ITS CRAZY. i preordered infamous and MGS both for 80$. So i say FU GAME.

Exoil2179d ago

The game has the pricing of 799 SEK in Game, that converts to $125, not $80..

sinjonezp2179d ago

Funny, when I was a kid, I got street fighter 2 turbo at eb games when it was first released for snes 79.99 plus tax. Games are relatively cheaper these days but still, that is way too much.

Angeljuice2179d ago


That was because Nintendo used cartridges which often had custom chips and memory etc built-in. Some games released in the UK with a price just shy of £100 ($160) on the N64 (the average price of a disc based game at the time was £40 ($60).

redwin2179d ago

Only if it comes with a wheele and no microtransactons otherwise, like SKYRIM online, this game is DOA .

diehardmetallicafan2179d ago

like iv'e said on other pages, in australia a brand new game, no matter what it is, is around $100. how long it stays at that price is determined by its popularity and sales

mmc-0072179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

same here in europe.

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Mister_Dawg2180d ago

100 Euros?

Pocket change. Make it 200 and be done with it.

DC7772180d ago

I don't doubt prices will go up with these ridiculous development costs.

1nsomniac2180d ago

What on Earth are you talking about?

It's been proven & acknowledged by corporate CEO's, well known & respected developers, as well as indie developers, that this development cost BS is just that.

There's also greedy devs out there that publically agree with you & sell you digital items at a more expensive cost while saving up to 1/3 - 1/2 on publishing costs. I guess you agree with the idea that this is acceptable too?

DC7772179d ago

I don't agree with it at all especially since game play time for all new offline games doesn't hold a candle to game play time back in the day.

But they are the ones putting these 100 million dollar numbers out there not me. There is such an incredible arrogance in the industry anymore I simply would not to it past them to start jacking up prices via some over inflated our life is hard argument.

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