Final Fantasy X-2 HD: I Was Way Too Late to This Party - PSLS Preview

PSLifestyle writes:
The first things people seem to talk about when Final Fantasy X-2 comes up are the elaborate costumes, pop idol Yuna, and “What Can I Do For You!?” And for good reason, even apart from the fact that it’s the most memorable line of the opening song. The characters may as well be asking the player this question, “What can I do for you” in reference to the game’s battle system. Can I, for example, become a Black Mage and blast something for you? Can I, maybe, grab some pistols and shoot a monster for you? So goes this game’s best feature.

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knifefight2185d ago

~What can I do for you~
Gaaah now it's gonna be in my head for hours >_<

Inception2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

I don't like X-2 story, in fact i hated it because X finished with a beautifull ending. But one thing SE did right with X-2 is the battle system.

Snookies122185d ago

Yeah, the gameplay itself was a lot of fun. It's just that the story, writing, and new characters introduced really weren't that great. As a game, it's really great. It just doesn't compare with X though.

NarooN2185d ago

X-2's story was pretty crap, yeah. Didn't really get good until like, the last chapter or so. The combat was fun as hell, though. So many friggin' hidden dresspsheres and garment grids to find everywhere.

That said, the story and new characters and writing were pretty sub-par. I don't think FFX really needed a sequel, the original ending was fine as it was, despite how incredibly somber it was.

Godmars2902185d ago

FFX-2: Where things really went all wrong. When Square got too full of themselves and thought they didn't need a story. An honestly compelling one anyway.

TheRealTedCruz2185d ago

I honestly never saw the craze with 10. I got into the series around the time 12 released and I then went back to try the others.
Ten was really the one that didn't hold up for me. Loved five, seven and nine though. Also loved twelve, to be honest. Still have yet to try 8.

arbitor3652185d ago

changing classes in mid combat is a very cool idea. if only it wasnt done in such a silly fanservicy kind of way. and if only the rest of the game wasnt full of annoying mini games

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