PS4: Series Japanese Gamers are Waiting for Before Purchasing Sony's New Console Revealed by Survey

The PS4 debuted in Japan about a week ago, and sold more than 300,000 units in its first two days, but sales of the console's software were not as good, even due to the lack of many prominent Japanese series that normally drive sales in the archipelago of the rising sun. A survey reveals what series Japanese gamers are waiting for before considering a purchase of the comnsole.

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RPG_Lover2181d ago

Surprised Disgaea is that low. Valkyria is wishful thinking lol.

I want FF 15 to be very very good.

Abriael2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Disgaea is niche even in Japan, like pretty much everything nippon Ichi does (even if it's great); as for valkyria, I agree it's wishful thinking, but it's such sweet wishful thinking. I'd give an arm for a new valkyria on PS4... or on any platform really. As long as it's not mobile.

RPG_Lover2181d ago

We normally agree on nothing. We agree on the love for Valkyria.

styferion2181d ago

Hell I'd even welcome a handheld Valkyria, that series made me learn Japanese.

scott1822181d ago

Maybe Sony could get a next gen monster hunter? ... Will probably never happen.

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DonDon2181d ago

This new gen NEEDS to bring back the PS1's Japanese influx of games. I enjoyed the last gen's introduction to shooters and multiplayer, but I want more variety now.

Bathyj2181d ago

Resident evil 3rd?
Uncharted 28th?
Infamous not in the list?

These Japanese are crazy. Tok tok tok

Inception2181d ago

It's a old survey from december last year Bathyj, considering 2nd Son is on the top list of amazon japan

BcozoftheImplication2181d ago

Well the sales tell a different story if selling out twice in Japan is waiting then i can't wait to see how good the sales are like when the final want the console!! lol

Abriael2181d ago

Thrice for some retailers, but this doesn't mean that a lot of people aren't waiting. My prediction is that the console has sold about 500,000 units by now (it only makes sense that Sony made that many of the first limited pack that is now basically sold out), and I'm quite sure that there are more than 500,000 PlayStation gamers in Japan.

CharlesSwann2181d ago

This article and PS4 out of stock in Japan are right next to each other.

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The story is too old to be commented.