Who Says The Wii U Is Failing…It’s Just Getting Started

VGN Author writes: When the Wii U was first announced I was super pumped to get my hands on the system. Fast forward a few months and I would actually get to see and feel the Wii U in person at E3. Although the Wii U demo console at E3 only had a Zelda video playing, I knew the console would have great potential when it finally released.

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ape0072185d ago

hopefully, wiiu is a special little lovely machine

iamnsuperman2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

The comparison to the 3DS is completely void for two reasons:

1. The 3DS got a huge price cut (around a third) putting it in-line with what people are now prepared to spend on handheld systems (both Sony and Nintendo misjudged the market by releasing systems at high prices)
2. The Vita never capitalised on the 3DS's problems because it never sorted out its own issues. Nintendo sorted themselves out before Sony sorted the Vita (which I think has yet to be sorted) so the 3DS could succeed (since the competition was/still is in a pickle).

This is in comparison to the Wii U which has had:
1. An official and unoffical price drop and which hasn't really done anything (also Nintendo seem content that the Wii U doesn't need another one)
2. Its competitors are running away with it. Sony is struggling to meet demand with the PS4 and the One is releasing its biggest game this month (also got a hefty price drop in the UK). They are not struggling like Sony had with the Vita

Big games will help but they are competing against two systems that are stealing the lime light. Nintendo need to do much more than release big games. "big" games have come and gone with the Wii U and they haven't done much to help the system. That was even without direct competition

illmatic2185d ago

You have valid points. I strongly believe that the Wii U can and will be successful. The console has been around for over a year and hasn't really done so well. The "big" games that were released, while great games, aren't what Nintendo needs to sell the console. They need to release the type of games that made Nintendo what it was years ago. On the other hand, it may well end up being a console that is severely overlooked, like the Gamecube.

Why o why2184d ago

I loved the gamecube...many day-hours of multiplayer enjoyment plus some stella single player treasures. I personally think nintendo relied too heavily on their main exclusives. Didn't introduce enough new ips and made their console so casual friendly many just migrated or upgraded. Im not sure what happened to the wii u but it seems casuals aren't loyalists. A lot of their wii success was built on first time console owners. I just dont know. I hope they dont die off anyway.

N4g_null2184d ago

No console gamer is a real loyalist. To even believe that show how naive people are. Sega, nec, even ms struggles with that and the vita says hi. Sony set up an investment prospect with the ps4 and the gaming media sold that by down playing and yelling about the evil ms. An account system means you are tied to the internet. Same plan different communication. Steam does this on pc already.

The reason why I say the ps4 is a bubble is because there is no must have game yet. The clock is ticking. Sony must capitalize on system investors by solidified games that are must owns. Internet marketing will not secure that only an actual good game or 3 will do that.

Last gen was when sony was supposed to make that game... the last of us is as good as it got. While mine craft sold like a Nintendo game.

There is no gears of war.... halo.... gt.... gowar, on ff, just snake.... hide and seek. Even kojima grows tired of it.

Nintendo only needs better marketing. Gamers are so marketing driven right now. They can't even remember how bad the 3rd parties mislead them or even undersold them. All the lies about power going back to the ps2. The industry will never grow up if we can't even get the truth right.

Mr_Writer852184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


No must have games? Yet selling like hot cakes, nobody would buy a console if it had no games you wanted to play.

So your point makes no sense.

I smell fanboy butt hurt.

Realplaya2184d ago

Actually your right about the 3ds and the vita.

With the Wii U Sony has the lead the Xbox One is in trouble and will probably be third look at the next game coming up for the Wii U that is a game where if marketed right will def get people. So yes the one has titanfall the U will get Mario Kart and if the online info structure is good to great then this would be a start.

LexHazard792184d ago

PS is doing good and both Xbox and Nintendo are scrambling. And its safe to say Xbox One will not be behind WiiU. 3rd Party developers have already given up on it. Anyway Wii U will find its way into my at some point as some great exclusive games are on the way!

BattleN2184d ago

Iwata from nintendo directly said "pleese undustan"

Eyeco2184d ago

I agree, it's illogical to compare Nintendo's efforts in the handheld market to that of the consoles, it's two entirely different ball parks, Nintendo has had a death grip on the handheld market's balls for 25 YEARS now, all they have to do is release a Pokemon game and that's it, game over, wrap city, finished. Their competitors never stood a chance, the Vita never had a chance.

Now while they have always reigned supreme in the Handheld their efforts in the Console market has always been a mixed bag, the competition they face in handheld's is NOTHING compared to the Console market.

The writer comes of as delusional if he thinks and effort by Platinum Games will help, all their games so far have been commercially disappointing, the W101 barely scraped 100,000, will Mario Kart and Smash give the Wii-U a sales boost ? yes, but then what happens after that ?
Those 2 games aren't enough to carry the console for an entire generation, with the PS4/XB1 the 3rd parties will sell the system, the Wii-U doesn't have that luxury seeing as it's being ignored by 90% of the industry, and without that the likely hod of it becoming the "best selling console this generation!" is wishful thinking.

N4g_null2184d ago

Their short comings in the console market was due to trying to be affordable and still produce the same type of game play.

The ngc smash and Mario kart even mario in 3d illustrate this point. Frame rate lower than needed. Not enough power to render interesting art or polished art. The wii even though it was underpowered for hd fixed all of that. The fix to game play was rewarded by 10s of millions of gamers buying their games. The 3ds did the same with Mario kart and mario. Mario needs to rest now but kart is coming. It's looking like a game not possible any where until now. It has the flash that a Mario platformer needed. 3d world was good but Mario kart is crazy good graphicly. Hd gaming is changing nintendo for the better. It will unleash their art a lot more. What use to take months can be done in a day now almost.

The wiiu has the games it mostly needs it just didn't have as much confidence from the market or hype. Marketing and misinformation are winning so far but you can't pay for that forever. As a wiiu owner the games are there its just the hype isn't as wide spread and negativity is more attractive. This could be because money and jobs are scares.

The wii was ignore by more than % 90 of the industry and was a success. People really are brainwashed into think you need something that has gone down in value.. 3rd parties.. only indies and start up are going to purge the bad talent and fanbase making horrible decisions in our dev and publishers. Nintendo is right to invest in that.

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RPG_Lover2184d ago

Wii U already is an amazing system.

Reeze2184d ago

I agree.

I'm not sure why so many people disagreed; the Wii U is actually very fun and underappreciated.

MsmackyM2184d ago

Didn't you know your only allowed to say Sony systems are awesome? Even if you're commenting on a Wii U article, praise can only be targeted towards Sony platforms.

BattleN2184d ago

Oh snap dont say that, if I dont see you around tomorrow I will know why! *looks around nervously*

maniacmayhem2184d ago

Don't worry, he's safe. Most of the sony trolls on this site are too busy in Titanfall articles to even care what's going on with WiiU.

WiiU articles are the last safe haven for gamers on N4G.

HammockGames2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Totally agree, RPG.

I've been loving the Wii U Super Mario games and the new Donkey Kong. Worth buying the system for those alone, imho. (toss Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 in there, too)

Looking ahead:
- Bayonetta 2 looks ridiculous (good kind)
- Very eager to hear more about X
- Next iterations of Mario Kart, Zelda, and Metroid should be sweet

Good system, but struggling to find an audience. And the competition is fierce...

BattleN2184d ago

If Hyrule warrior's is a hint at what Link in WiiU Zelda may look like, I think it's going to look sweet, or better yet that tech demo would be the Ultimate, the latter is preferrable

2184d ago
Toxic-zombie2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Yeah it is, I purchased one for 1/2 price in Australlia ($175 form Dick Smith) and have purchased 6 games so far. Can't wait for Mario Kart. This is my go to system to play games with my wife with(even if she runs off the edge in 3D world) at least she has a go.

HammockGames2184d ago

Same here.

Scored a hardly used Wii U off ebay for $180 with a pair of games (Arkum Asylum and Scribblenauts).

Haven't regretted that purchase at all!

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mhunterjr2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

I think the wiiu games lineup as improved dramatically as of late.

I think the main problem now is that it's in a bit of a generational identity crisis.

Right now, for $270 bucks, I can go to best buy get a 500 gig ps3 bundled with TLOU. For $285 I get a 32gig wii u, bundled with Nintendo land. Granted, gamers are willing to pay a extra $ to enter the next gen, but when you look at TLOU then look at Nintendo land, it doesn't feel like you're entering a new generation.

Now throw in the tiny hdd, and the limited online capabilities, and the absence of key third party titles, and you still have a tough sell after the price drop...the wii u just doesn't compete well against the last or next gen consoles.

Realplaya2184d ago

For $299.00 you can get a Wind Waker bundle and for $40.00 bucks a nice size HDD.

There have already been reports that with the download size of games for the PS4 and XBox One you will be looking to upgrade your HDD.

So if you compare the Wii U with other 8th Gen you always have to by an Hdd.

mhunterjr2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Not to take anything away from Wind Waker HD, its a great game, but we're talking about how the general consumer is going to perceive value.

I can get a PS3 with 2013's undisputed game of the year with a 500gb, or i can a 32GB wii u with an hd remake of 12 year old game. I'm not surprised to see sales leaning towards the latter, especially when its cheaper.
Also on my PS3 i'll be able to play GTAV, Destiny,Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Need for Speed Rivals,Battlefield...etc

I think the wii u bundle you mention is a great deal. The sales, however, show that consumers generally see the PS3 bundle as a much better deal.

with 8th gen consoles, its not just about the HDD. its the 3rd party support, its the online services, its the visuals. Again, sales show the consumers are willing to pay the "next gen premium" for xb1 and, more so, the ps4... and they aren't willing to pay it for the wii u.

you dont have to convince me that the wii u is good. i already know it. Nintendo needs to convince the general public that its worth owning when compared to the last and current gen competition. and they've been failing to do it...partly for the reasons i've mentioned.

InTheLab2184d ago

That's not really the case. Unless you download every game, 500gigs will last you years. When I'm done with a game I do t plan on playing for a time, I delete the install. Then add the fact that you can play as you install and download, so space isn't really an issue.

vividi2184d ago

I just brought one, the Zelda bundle and is awesome, is like a little brother to my PS4.