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In this video, Zach Sharpes dives into this years most anticipated MMORPG the Elder Scrolls Online by Zenimax Online Studios featuring its PVP features. This MMORPG, set in the Elder Scrolls universe features action combat in the open world, but does it deliver the Elder Scrolls charm we all expect? Find out!

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worldwidegaming2181d ago

Now that the NDA is down...
I really did not enjoy it. Maybe its missing some key functions. Maybe I am not a fan.
I beat every last one on the PC and even played it on the PS3...
It just seems like it is missing something...

ZEROleafSK8ER2181d ago

Do you guys know if it can be played in first person view as well?

GutZ312181d ago

It can. The game just wont fill the same void that skyrim left.
If you like Skyrim, most likely this will be painful to try and play for at least the first 10 levels.
After the first 10 levels, the game kind of opens up, but still, not worth playing in my opinion.

Maxor2181d ago

Came into the beta hating it, specially with the $15 fee, but left with my mind blown and extremely impressed. I love how this game doesn't have huge WoW style quest hubs with NPCs all lined up spewing out quests. Quests must be found and a lot of the goodies are spread out all over to encourage exploration. The writing and quality of the dialogue are simply top notch. Way better than SWTOR and maybe better than Skyrim. The classic Morrowind and Skyrim humor are on display as well.

PVP is simply put, excellent. Keep battles are just as epic as this video. However PVE group content is rather bare bones and could use more work. Overall, would I pay $15 for this? I can't wait.